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Please read this page carefully before completing the application!   

  1. Applications must contain the following to be considered for processing. Please attach in the order listed:

  2. You must include your grade calculation page printed from the GPA calculator spreadsheet on the School of Nursing homepage. (If the sheet does not display your GPA then it is not ready to attach.)

  3. ALL transcripts from the schools you have or are attending (web or Xerox copies are acceptable for this application; however, the Registrar's Office will require Official copies for your application to the university). Highlight courses which correspond to courses entered on the application. ALL transcripts (even those on the AP web) must be included with your application. (request them ASAP if you cannot access via a web account)

  4. A copy of the Individual Performance Profile Page for TEAS 6 from your TEAS test must be included. This will be available as soon as you have completed the TEAS test.

  5. Before submitting your application, be sure to read the "in order to apply" section found on the APSU School of Nursing admissions website.

  6. Applications must be received no later than 12:00 NOON on May 1 for Fall applications and 12:00 NOON on September 4 (September 3 is a National Holiday the nursing department is not open to receive applications) for Spring applications.

  7. This application must be completed Online and then printed. Please do not fill in the information by hand. Please do not print front and back!

  8. Incomplete applications (without GPA spreadsheet, ALL transcripts, TEAS profile, signature, or handprinted) will be rejected.

  9. Applications must be submitted in person to Ms. Tina Massey, McCord 322 To ensure your application is received please DO NOT leave your application with anyone else and DO NOT slide it under the door! Or it can be mailed to

APSU School of Nursing, Attention Tina Massey
P.O. Box 4658
Clarksville, TN 37044

With your application, you MUST submit the fully completed spreadsheet with your calculated GPA. Instructions for completing the GPA worksheet is found on the pre-licensure web page.

GPA Calculation Sheet     

 Spring 19 School of Nursing Application