Program & Clinical Requirements
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Program & Clinical Requirements

Each clinical site has specific requirements students must provide in order to secure a placement. Below is an explanation of the common requirements. Any additional information will be provided as soon as it is known. 

Liability Insurance:

Liability insurance must be purchased each fall or during your first semester through the University. This cost is $25.00. This fee is paid at the University Cashier's window or by phone (931.221.6285.) The Records and Data Office receives notice of student payments. Provide documentation of purchase is not needed. Please inform the cashier you're a BSN Nursing student. 

Background Checks and Drug Screens:

Background checks and drug screens are required every 12 months.

APSU uses Truescreen for all background checks. With drug screens, you have a choice between Workforce Essentials in Clarksville at 23 Madison Street or Truescreen.

Background check and drug screen directions can be found at this link.  

If you need any support in using Truescreen, you must contact them directly. APSU does not provide support for third-party organizations.

Health Requirements:

The following link provides the CDC Healthcare Personnel Vaccination Recommendations. Some clinical sites may have additional testing or vaccinations requirements that must also be followed.

2-Step TB:

Per the CDC

Facilities employ the 2-step procedure. In this procedure, a person is given a baseline PPD test. If the test is (-), a second test is administered 1- 3 weeks later (i.e., the second test can be read 7-21 days after the first).

If the above was not followed, you must do this process again following the above directions. Some clinical sites require we report the dates of a 2-Step TB process. If your testing does not meet these specifications, you are not in compliance. If your healthcare provider says you do not need to do this, they are wrong. As a nurse, you will be required to submit to annual TB testing the remainder of you’re career. You must submit documentation of a negative TB test annually. 

If you test positive for TB, the program will need a completed TB health check form as well as a copy of a chest x-ray completed within the last 5 years.  Please let your faculty know that you have tested positive. Some clinical sites may require additional verification of not having an active infection.

TB Blood Test: 

The tuberculosis (TB) blood test, also called an Interferon Gamma Release Assay or IGRA, is a way to find out if you have TB germs in your body. The TB blood test can be done instead of a TB skin test.

There are two kinds of TB blood tests:

  • QuantiFERON®-TB
  • T-SPOT®.TB

If you test positive for TB, some clinical sites may not accept your placement without one of these blood test done annually.  

Tdap: Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis

Give 1 dose of Tdap if no previous vaccination. Give Td boosters every 10 years thereafter.

MMR: Measles, mumps, and rubella

If no serologic (titer) proof of immunity or prior vaccination, 2 doses of MMR, 4 weeks apart.

HepB: Hepatitis B

If previously unvaccinated, give a 2-dose (Heplisav-B) or 3-dose (Engerix-B or Recombivax HB) series. Must obtain anti-HBs serologic testing 1–2 months after dose #2 (for Heplisav-B) or dose #3 (for Engerix-B or Recombivax HB) showing you are REACTIVE to HepB. 

Varicella: Chickenpox

If no serologic (titer) proof of immunity, prior vaccination, or diagnosis or verification of a history of varicella or herpes zoster (shingles) by a healthcare provider, give 2 doses of varicella vaccine, 4 weeks apart.

Seasonal Flu Vaccinations:

Every student regardless of the semester you begin the program must be vaccinated each flu season. This means in the fall. You must have this completed by September 30th. Please be sure to ask your provider if this is the current flu season vaccine.

Vaccination Exemption/Waiver:

Vaccinations are one of the most significant public health interventions of all time. They reduce the risk of contracting dangerous vaccine-preventable diseases on the individual level and, when immunization coverage is high enough, confer herd immunity at the population level for those diseases that are contagious.  All clinical sites recognizing the public health importance of immunizations. Clinical sites have the right to refuse placement of any student that has an exemption/waiver.

All APSU School of Nursing Students are required to maintain updated immunizations and testing while attending the APSU School of Nursing. In rare instances, students may need to have an exemption made for a specific requirement. In this situation, the Director of Nursing or their appointed representative will need to review the identified requirement with the student and approve the exemption. Students seeking an exemption to a specific immunization or testing requirement should seek guidance from their faculty.



Medatrax does many things. As the program moves forward, its use will expand. Currently, it is being used for you to submit required documentation. The SON chose Medatrax to facilitate changes occurring related to clinical placements and to ensure all nursing students are in compliance.

It is a priority that information is submitted correctly to Medatrax. Some clinical sites will be given access to view documentation through Medatrax and if items are not in the correct “box” your placement at the site could be in jeopardy. Staff or faculty cannot correct your mistakes or adjust submitted information. There are several locations to locate assistance within Medatrax. There are training videos and quick start guides found under help. Medatrax operates excellent customer service. If you have technical issues, reach out to them.


Waivers: These are used if you refuse to receive vaccinations. Do not use this for any other reason. Be aware that information on declining vaccinations can be found in the BSN Handbook. Clinical sites may not accept placement of any student who refuses vaccinations, and an alternative site may not be available. Please reach out to your faculty about this issue.

Vaccinations: Only upload the required vaccination documentation in the box named. If you have multiple pages of vaccinations, do not upload all pages to each box. Locate and upload the named vaccinations in the matching box.

Titers: Everyone must show immunity to MMR ( measles (rubeola), mumps, and rubella) and Varicella (VZV, chickenpox), as well as show a reactive anti-HBs (or HBsAb) for HepB. In some occasions, people will not show immunity or reactivity when titers are drawn even after the required vaccinations. Please, talk to your healthcare provider in these cases and asked for a statement siting testing and failure to convert. In these cases, you are required to show you received 2 rounds of vaccinations.

Again, only upload the matching titer to the box.

Other Documentation: Other program documentation needing to be uploaded must be in the correct location. We do not need a copy of driver licenses, do not put a copy of your insurance card and BLS/CPR together. Each item has its own location.


You are responsible for having all documentation uploaded correctly and whithin the required time frame.  Use the HELP section of Medatrax as well as this document to assist you. 

Just as coursework and attending class are vital to completing the BSN program so is providing these requirements. You cannot complete the program without providing this required information. It must be submitted at the time, in the format, and location required by the program. The program will not and cannot make changes to your upload EXCEPT to delete items.