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Master of Science Nursing @ Austin Peay State University Orientation and Program Resources


The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) at APSU is a collaborative effort among institutions participating in TN eCampus. The program has been designed to address nursing shortages both in clinical settings and education. The University Bulletin, containing all academic policies, including the MSN Progression Policy, can be viewed here.



Read everything and follow directions. Look for underlined phrases and words; these are links that will provide additional resources.

MSN Concentrations

Currently, there are three concentrations. Here are links to the TN eCampus pages containing course descriptions.

Family Nurse Practitioner

Nursing Administration

Nursing Education 


The RN to MSN bridge program is an option for RNs with an associate degree or a diploma in nursing with an unrelated Bachelor's degree. RN to MSN graduates will not be awarded the BSN degree. This link will take you to the TN eCampus page containing RN to MSN information.






AP OneStop is the information hub for APSU. It is your personalized portal getting you to email, financial aid, registrations, school news, and so much more.


To access OneStop, you will need the APSU username provided in your acceptance letter. The PIN will be your date of birth, in this format (mmddyy).


After your first login, your PIN may be changed to any six digit number combination.


Need help with PIN and ID issues? Contact the Registrar's Office (931) 221-7280.


Once you are in OneStop take a look around.

Student Email

The first time you select the Student Email icon in OneStop, you will be directed to the initial account setup page for Outlook.

 Email Address: Found in your admission letter.

Password: This is AP followed by the six-digit date of your birth (AP010283).

Your APSU email box is where all communications will come.This is the account you will use to contact anyone at the school.

Need technical support? Here is the link to the Help Desk. Help Desk 

 There is also a “Help” tab in Onestop.


Getting Registered

1. The Program of Study

Your Program of Study list the courses you have to complete to graduate.

Once you complete this orientation, you will receive a welcome letter from your advisor. This email will also include a PROGRAM OF STUDY (POS) and directions for completing and returning the POS. All students enrolled in the Masters of Science in Nursing must complete a Program of Study/Committee Assignment. This form must be approved by your advisor and the Coordinator of MSN program. A copy will be sent to the Registrar's Office, and you once approved. Without a completed form at the end of the first semester, a hold will be placed on your account, and you will not be able to register. Any changes to the original Program of Study form must be requested from the student’s advisor. Examples of Program of Studies can be found on this page along with directions.

 Administration       Education      FNP                  POS Directions

2. Residency

The University's accrediting body SACSCOC, states to maintain compliance with accreditation standards, students must earn one-third of their coursework with Austin Peay faculty.

As you are aware, The Austin Peay State University School of Nursing (SON) is a rigorous program with a focus on high-quality academic standards. In maintaining these standards, the University Administration has stated, beginning fall 2016, students will not be able to graduate without the required number of graduate hours taught by APSU faculty.

The SON is prepared to make sure the courses you need to complete the curriculum will be available to you and taught by Austin Peay faculty.  If at any time you believe you are in jeopardy of not meeting residency, please contact your advisor. 

 The University requires each student to complete the below form “Acknowledgement of Requirements for Award of Graduate Degree.” You will need to follow the directions at the link and complete the Residency Form.


Residency Form

3. Advising 

Go over your POS and decide which courses you are interested in taking. Contact your advisor for advising and to be cleared to register. Always include your A# in all emails. All emails must come from your APSU email account. Allow 24-48 hours for a response. If you prefer, you may contact your advisor to schedule an advising call or office visit.

4. Registration and Confirmation

All MSN courses are identifiable by NURS and are numbered 5000-5990.

EXAMPLE: NURS 5631 Pediatric Nursing 

You have not completed registration until you have confirmed your classes. For directions on registering and confirming classes please visit Registration



You will not be allowed to register for classes until you have requested an immunization waiver.

An exception is made for all online students.

Please send an email to Student Health Services ( Include your name and A# number stating you are an Online MSN student and requesting an immunization waiver.

Here is a template and directions for you to use.

Email Ms. Nelson from your APSU mailbox and include your name and A# . Put Vaccination Hold in the subject line.  CC.

Just copy and paste into an email

 Ms. Nelson,

I am an online only student. Please remove the MMR and Varicella hold on my account.

Thank you. 

Further information can be found at   Student Health Services

Academic Calendar

It is important all students make themselves familiar with the Academic Calendar. During the semester there will be dates and deadlines that may be important to you. Information about dates will also be sent to your APSU email account.

Academic Calendar Here

D2L Brightspace

All courses are accessed through D2L Brightspace, a state-of-the-art, user-friendly online learning management system. This is where all your course content will be located. Before classes begin, you should go through the D2L Brightspace orientation.

The link takes you to a comprehensive D2L Brightspace orientation. D2L Brightspace


Course material including books can be found at the TN eCampus Bookstore. Use your course number and name to look for material. Bookstore

You are a graduate student of APSU. This means there are services available to you. The link below takes you to the Student Affairs page. Student Affairs 

Libraries provide a wealth of information. As an APSU student you have access to two. Both the APSU and TN eCampus Virtual libraries have assistance, research help, and access to journals and periodicals you may find helpful.

Woodward Library APSU

TN eCampus Virtual Library

General information on the APSU School of Nursing is available on its webpage. APSU SON

General information and additional support can be found on the TN eCampus website. TN eCampus

Clinical/Practicum Information

MSN clinical sites and preceptor selection:

It is never too early in the program to be considering what clinical site and preceptors you will use during your clinical courses.

Things to consider:

  1. The APSU MSN program focuses on primary care.  All clinical preceptorships must take place in an outpatient setting. Emergency rooms are most often not acceptable. Urgent care facilities can only be used for a limited number of hours in the Adult health and practicum courses. 

  2. APSU MSN students must have all health requirements complete and up to date throughout their clinical courses.  Faculty members assigned to the courses will review this information each semester.  If not up to date you will not be allowed to attend clinical in a timely manner: Health Requirements Information 

  3. APSU MSN students must be knowledgeable of the requirements as it pertains to specific clinical courses.  Please review the following link: General Requirements  If your question cannot be answered after reviewing, please email

  4. Some clinical agencies have requirements above and beyond those listed on TN eCampus website.  Students must meet all requirements before attending clinical. 

  5. Background checks are required by all clinical agencies. Follow the link for further information on obtaining a background Check: TrueScreen 

  6. Malpractice Insurance: The graduate student practices under his or her license and is required to maintain current advanced practice student liability insurance. Family Nurse Practitioner students must maintain student FNP liability insurance for $1,000,000/$6,000,000. Students in other concentrations are required to maintain and must have proof of the same coverage to comply with our Affiliation Agreements. You can purchase the policy by calling the APSU Cashier’s Window, 931-221-1018. You must identify yourself as an MSN student purchasing the student liability insurance. According to when the provider returns the policy, you will receive a copy of the first page of the policy.  You will use this in Medatrax. 

Important MSN and Graduate Policies

The Graduate Bulletin contains University and Nursing policies. Listed here is important information related to your success in attaining a Masters in Nursing.

MSN and Bridge Progression Policy

Graduate nursing students complete all required courses with a grade of B or better.  If student’s grade is lower than B, s/he may repeat the course.  However, no more than one required course can be repeated.  In repeating a course, the previous grade as well the grade earned from the repeated course will be included in the calculation of the GPA.

Students will be dismissed from the Tn eCampus MSN program if they do not meet the requirements of this policy.

Class Attendance, Grading, and Course Withdrawal Limitations

Class attendance is a key attribute to academic success. Though the matter of class attendance is in the purview of the teaching faculty, the University requires faculty to routinely report students who have never attended class (“FN” – Failure, Never Attended) within 21 days of the first day of class. For those students who stop attending class and are no longer receiving instruction, a grade of “FA” (Failure, Stopped Attendance) should be reported. Faculty members will inform students of policies applicable to their classes through a syllabus distributed early in each semester/term. These punitive failing grades reported during the semester/term may affect the student’s time status, financial aid repayment, and veteran benefits.

Course Withdrawal Limitations

A student who earns four (4) Withdrawals (“W”s) will be placed on academic probation. If the student receives another “W” (≥ five (5) “W”s), he or she will be suspended for one academic semester.  A student on academic suspension from the College of Graduate Studies may not be admitted to, or continue in any graduate program at APSU for credit or grade point average calculation. Students must adhere to the Academic Suspension appeal process for re-admittance.

Grade Appeal

Students may appeal final course grades entered in the fall semester no later than 30 calendar days after the start of the following spring semester. The informal discussion with the instructor and Department Chair or Director must be the first step toward resolution. Students may appeal final course grades entered for the spring, Maymester, and summer semesters no later than 30 calendar days after the start of the following fall semester.  If the deadline date falls on a weekend or holiday, then the deadline shall be the next business day. The formal, written appeal to the Department Chair or Director must be filed by the 30-day deadline.  Once a degree has been posted to the transcript, the academic record is deemed complete and changes will not be made to grades earned prior to the posted degree.  Review the Academic Grievance Policy section in the STUDENT HANDBOOK for appeal procedures.

Academic Status and Graduate Appeal Processes

The academic status of a student is denoted by one of four conditions:

  • Good Standing
  • Academic Probation
  • Academic Suspension
  • Academic Dismissal

Students who fail to meet prescribed academic standards are subject to disciplinary action. Official notification of academic probation, academic suspension or academic dismissal is sent to students at the end of the fall and spring semesters, summer terms, or Fort Campbell terms.

At any time a student’s academic performance becomes deficient, he or she is placed on probation. When established standards are met, probationary status is removed. However, a second deficiency in academic performance will result in a one semester suspension, after which a student is eligible to appeal for readmission.  Should a third deficiency in academic performance occur, then a full year suspension will be enforced, after which the student is eligible to appeal for readmission. Should more than two suspensions occur, the student will be dismissed from the graduate program and the College of Graduate Studies.

Good Standing

Students are in good standing as long as their overall cumulative grade point average is 3.0 or higher. Good standing indicates only that the student is meeting the minimum standard for retention.

Academic Probation: GPA and Maximum Allowable Withdrawals

When a graduate student’s cumulative GPA falls below 3.0, he or she will be placed on academic probation. Every semester thereafter, the student must earn a minimum term/semester grade of 3.5, and the student will remain on academic probation until the cumulative GPA reaches 3.0 or better. When the student’s cumulative GPA has returned to a 3.0 or greater, the student’s academic status will return to “Good Standing”. If the student fails to earn a minimum term/semester grade of 3.5 while on probation, he or she will be suspended. No grades of “D” or “F” are allowed in a student’s program of study.

After a graduate student earns four (4) withdrawals “W”s, he or she will be placed on academic probation.  If the student receives another “W,” academic suspension will result. 

Academic Suspension Procedures

A student on academic probation whose semester GPA falls below a 3.5 and/or a student who earns five (5) or more “W”s will be suspended from the university.  Students suspended for the first time may not enroll in the College of Graduate Studies for at least one semester following their suspensions. The University reserves the right to cancel a student’s registration with full fee adjustment should the student enroll prior to being notified of an academic suspension. A student on academic suspension from the College of Graduate Studies may not be admitted to, or continue in, any graduate program at APSU for credit or grade point average calculation. A student may not enroll in a program at another University during the suspension period and have that credit transferred.

Readmission After Academic Suspension: After an absence of at least one semester, a suspended student must request readmission by appealing to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. The Graduate Academic Appeals form is located on the College of Graduate Studies website at To request readmission, this form must be submitted, along with a written explanation of circumstances relative to the suspension. The student may provide additional documents if needed. The graduate appeal form must be received in the Graduate office no later than 14 days before the beginning of the intended semester of return, to allow time for consideration by the Graduate Academic Appeals Committee. If the student’s graduate appeal is not received 14 days before the beginning of the semester, the appeal will be considered for the next upcoming semester. The Graduate Studies Office will present the complete appeals packet to the students’ graduate Program Coordinator or Department Chair for a recommendation. The Graduate Studies Office then presents the appeal packet and departmental recommendation to the Graduate Academic Appeals Committee, a sub-committee of the Graduate Academic Council, for its review and a final decision. The student will be notified via his or her campus email address (or other email address if student does not have a campus email account). Decisions of the Graduate Academic Appeals Committee regarding readmission are final and may not be appealed.

Readmission After Second Academic Suspension:  If suspended a second time, the student may not enroll in the College of Graduate Studies for a minimum of one calendar year. Students seeking readmission must follow the same procedure specified herein.  After a second suspension, if the student is denied readmission to the College of Graduate Studies by the Graduate Academic Appeals Committe, that decision is final, and the student is suspended from the University.

Students who are forced by circumstances beyond their control to be absent from announced tests and examinations should request approval from the instructor. At the discretion of the instructor, the student will receive the grade of “I,” “F” or “FA.”


One final thing.....

Now that you've completed the Orientation/Onboarding remember to use this information throughout your time in the MSN program. Send an email to  in order to get registered.