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DE Course Review Process


The Department of Distance Education (DE) is committed to the quality of online and hybrid courses offered at Austin Peay State University (APSU) and aims to achieve the following targets over the next 3 years:

  • Identify and fund training for 60 online/hybrid Instructors to become certified Quality Matters peer reviewers.
  • Facilitate reviews and continuous improvement of 60 high impact courses* to ensure alignment with Quality Matters standards.

*High impact courses are those courses that meet all the course selection criteria listed below.

Who Can Apply

Full-time or adjunct faculty teaching online or hybrid courses at APSU. All faculty will require approval of chair to be sent to

Course Selection Criteria

To be shortlisted for the course review process, you must submit an online application form to DE with permission from your Department Chair. The course selection criteria checklist is as follows:

  •       Online or hybrid course with at least 3 credit hours
  •       Taught at least twice online in the past 2 years
  •       Not reviewed in the last 3 years
  •       High enrollment (need chair approval & enrollment history/projection)
  •       Master or fully developed course that could be given to another instructor to teach if deemed appropriate by the chair.

Faculty Meetings with Instructional Designers

If your course is selected for the review process, you will be assigned an Instructional Designer (ID) throughout the process to assist you. You will be required attend 3 meetings with your ID during the process (additional meetings may be requested as needed):

  • Faculty-ID Meeting 1 – Initial kickoff meeting (between Jul-Sep 2018)
  • Faculty-ID Meeting 2 – Midway check-in meeting (between Jan-Feb 2019)
  • Faculty-ID Meeting 3 – Final course-review meeting (Mar 2019)

Course Review Process Deadlines (2018-19)

  • July 1, 2018 – Course Review Application opens to all instructors at APSU
  • By November 15, 2018 – Course Review Application closes**
  • By February 1, 2019 –
    • Selected instructors need to successfully complete QM Workshop 1 - APPQMR
    • Selected instructors need to attend check-in meeting with ID to report progress and grant access to their courses to DE Team including all supplementary course content on publisher websites etc.
  • By March 1, 2019 –
    • DE Team completes all course reviews based on QM Rubric
    • DE Team sends detailed course review report to all instructors with suggestions for improvement
  • By May 1, 2019 –
    • Instructor completes suggested revisions
    • Instructor re-submits course to DE Team for final review
  • By June 3, 2019 –
    • Instructor successfully completes QM Workshop 2 - PRC
    • DE Team completes all final course reviews
  • By June 14, 2019 – DE Team processes instructor compensation

** Applications will be accepted and courses will be selected for review on a rolling basis until a maximum of 20 courses have been selected.

Faculty Compensation

  • DE will pay $1,000 per course review once the instructor applies the course improvement recommendations based on QM standards.
  • Additionally, DE will also cover the $400 cost of both QM workshops that the instructor must undergo as part of the course review process.


  1. DE will pay for QM Training Workshops only once.  If the instructor does not complete or pass he/she will have to retake it at their own cost.
  2. DE will not accept applications from instructors who were previously selected and failed/dropped out of the course review process.
  3. Non-participation after selection may result in cancellation of course review.
  4. DE reserves the right to change the course review process.
  5. DE reserves the right to refuse a course review application.


After reading the information above, use the form below to submit your application. 

My course (check all that apply)
Approval by your department chair/dean