On-Ground Proctoring
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On-Ground Proctoring

Distance Education is no longer offering on-ground proctoring services effective spring 2017.  The phase out began in Fall 2016.  Faculty requiring on-ground proctoring will need to consider other options such as offering sessions themselves, in conjunction with other faculty, or with the assistance of their academic department. 

Additionally, faculty may choose to utilize the online proctoring service provided by Distance Education or explore restructuring exams to eliminate the need for proctoring.  To learn more about how this can be accomplished, please contact Distance Education. 

Information about Online Proctoring

Below is generic content that may be used in a course syllabus regarding on-ground proctoring.

"This course requires the [midterm and final] exams to be proctored on the [Clarksville campus].  Refer to the course schedule for dates and times.  If you are not able to attend during the dates/times provided or are unable to travel to campus, you will need to make other acceptable arrangements and have them approved immediately, preferably the first week of class.  Acceptable arrangements may include a public library, community college, testing center, military education officer, non-commissioned officer in charge, etc.  Proctoring by a spouse, relative, friend, employer/supervisor, co-worker, tutor, fellow student, etc. is NOT permitted. 

When you arrive to take your proctored exam, you MUST present a valid state-issued photo ID and bring any approved exam materials including [insert approved materials here]."