Course Copy Practices
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Course Copy Practices

Instructors who have created content in a previous semester’s D2L course shell are able to copy and re-use that content in the current semester’s course shell. Instructors can also copy content within a particular course shell.

1. Always include section numbers and semesters on course copy request forms, please do not include CRNs. Please check to ensure that the section numbers and semesters are correct for both the source course and the destination course. This will help the course copy process work smoothly and quickly.

2. Combining courses takes up to 24 hours, please do not copy content before courses are combined. If the course is a W-section please request for combining/stacking 2-3 weeks before. If the course is not a W-sections, course can be combined anytime - unless there are Grades and Discussions posted in the course.

3. Please have the whole course ready to be copied before submitting a course copy request form.

4. If it is an online course, try to have your course completely ready to copy a week before the class starts.

5. If the content you intend to copy comes from another instructor’s course, please obtain their permission first and indicate this on the course copy form.

6. Please remember that you must submit a course copy request form for your content to be copied each   semester. It is not done automatically; a form is required each semester.

7. Please avoid requesting multiple course copies on the same form; if you have many courses which you need to be copied, try to only put two to three down per form. This may require you to submit multiple request forms, but it will make the copying process much smoother.

8. If you would like to learn how to copy your own content, you can always schedule an appointment for D2L training with Distance Education. We would be glad to sit down with you and walk you through the process.