Minimum System Requirements
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Minimum System Requirements

Web Browsers

Online course content is delivered through the BrightSpace learning management system, which is accessible through any web browser; however, Distance Education recommends Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. Please check your system to ensure that your web browser is properly configured to use D2L.

Computer Requirements

We do not recommend the use of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets for accessing your courses; they are not compatible with all aspects of the D2L learning management system. Please make sure that you have access to a Windows 7 (or newer) or Mac OS X 10.8 (or newer) computer for completing coursework.

Students should also have administrative privileges (must be able to install software) to their computer as some courses may require you to download content or software. This means students should not rely on shared computers like those in a public library, the APSU library, or other computer labs on campus as they restrict downloading.

Supported Devices – You will most likely bring devices to campus that will require an internet connection. Any connecting device must meet specific security standards in order to use the campus network. To make it easy, GOVSTECH has put together a list of devices that are not compatible with the network or would require a wired connection. Please check the Supported Devices list before purchasing devices.

FREE Microsoft Office 365

In order to complete some assignments, you may need software for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations like Microsoft Office. Currently enrolled APSU students receive access to Microsoft Office 365 for free and can install it on up to 5 compatible PCs or Macs.  Students can find more information on obtaining Microsoft Office 365 for free by visiting the knowledge based article on downloading your free software through the Department of Information Technology.

Additional Course Technology Requirements

Some courses may require the use of a web cam, speakers, or a microphone. Contact your instructor and/or refer to your course syllabus for course specific technology requirements.

Online Proctoring

If your course requires online proctoring, your computer will need to have a webcam and microphone either built-in or connected. It is recommended you use an Ethernet cable to connect to the internet instead of Wi-Fi. Additionally, your computer set up will need to pass the online proctoring software requirements. You will be guided through this process when accessing the online proctoring software.

The Office of Disability Services

If you have a documented disability that may have some impact on your work in your classes and for which you may require reasonable accommodations, contact the Office of Disability Services so that reasonable accommodations may be arranged.

The Office of Disability Services
Morgan University Center, Room 114
P.O. Box 4578
Clarksville, TN 37044
(931) 221-6230
TTY: (931) 221-6278
Office of Disability Services Website




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