UREF Program Description
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What is the Undergraduate Research Enrichment Fund Program?

UREF provides up to $3,000 for student-faculty teams in support of research, scholarly and creative activities, and/or artistic performances.

UREF Program Eligibility

Full-time, undergraduate students during the entire award period who are at least sophomore status. Mentor must be full-time, permanent faculty member.

UREF Award

Projects will be funded for any duration in the July 1 to June 30 fiscal year. Funds can be used for: project-related expenses (equipment, supplies, etc.), student stipend and/or travel, and up to $500 in professional development funds for the faculty mentor. Combined, the total is not to exceed $3,000. UREF Scholars with an international travel component may be eligible for a supplemental $1,000 travel award.


Proposal Requirements

  1. Completed online student application form: Application Here
  2. One-page student narrative describing the student’s background preparation for described research, professional aspirations, and how this project will assist in achieving these The narrative should be included with the online application form.
  3. A project proposal (using provided template) of no more than five (5) pages should be included with the online application form. This proposal should include:
 Introduction and rationale of the project written in a manner appropriate for an interdisciplinary panel i.e. general audience outside field of study

A description of the appropriate methods or approach used to complete the Examples include but are not limited to: data collection and analysis, materials used, resources available or resources needed, development of intermediate products, and theme carried through a creative work.

Discussion framing the project’s scope within the field of study.
Detailed plan of work including beginning and end dates for the project and approximate hours of work.
Provide justification of the requested funds and approximate distribution i.e. equipment, supplies, student stipend and/or travel, professional development funds for faculty.
Include documentation of submission or acceptance, or documentation of exemption.
Describe the expected significance to the field of study, what will be produced or created, anticipated outcomes, and the scholarly or creative contribution.
Plans for display or presenting the project (e.g. conference presentation, performance, exhibit, manuscript). Please remember that all UREF scholars are required to present work on campus and have plans for applicable off- campus presentation.
Describe international activities and provide justification and rationale for international component. In the case of international travel, students and faculty must comply with all APSU and TBR policies on international travel. If requesting supplemental travel funds, please provide proof of expenses
  1. Two Online Faculty Evaluations: Faculty Evaluation Here
  2. Chairperson Support Form: Evaluation Directions Here

 UREF Requirements