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2017 TN Posters on the Hill Presenters

Dominic Critchlow
Poster Title: Remote Sensing through Stratospheric Balloons
Mentor: J. Oelgoetz            Department: Physics

Travis Hodge
Poster Title: Stellar Label Approximations and Carbon Abundances of Carbon Enhanced Metal Poor Stars
Mentor: J. Allyn Smith           Department: Astronomy

Elizabeth Johnson
Poster Title: The Effects of Socioeconomic Curriculum on Gifted Students
Mentor: E. Lynch-Alexander Department: Educational Specialties

Shelia Johnson
Poster Title: The Relationship between Limitations in Daily Activities and the Receipt of Social Support among Cancer Survivors in the U.S.
Mentor:                                Department: Chemistry

Ronnie Roberts
Poster Title: Effects of Proficient Readers Strategies on Reading Comprehension and Writing Proficiency in College-Aged Students
Mentor: L. Wells                   Department: Teaching and Learning

Jacob Robertson
Poster Title: Discovery of a New Quasar: SDSS J022155.26-064916.6.
Mentor: J. Allyn Smith          Department: Astronomy

Elizabeth Wilcox
Poster Title: Hippocrates Woman: The Farce
Mentor: S. Kershner            Department: Languages & Literature


2017 National Council of Undergraduate Research Conference News

The Office of Undergraduate Research would like to congratulate the winners of our recent grant competitions:

2015-2016 Presidential Research Scholars
Dominic Critchlow - Department of Physics and Astronomy (Mentor: Dr. Justin Oelgoetz)
Nicole Kirch - Department of Engineering Technology (Mentor: Dr. Na Zhu)
Joan Klages - Department of Biology (Mentor: Dr. Chad Brooks)
Savannah Price - Department of Biology (Mentor: Dr. Gilbert Pitts)
Laura Sanders - Department of Biology (Mentor: Dr. Chad Brooks)
Nicole Santoyo - Department of Art and Design (Mentor: Mr. Paul Collins)
Macon St. Hilaire - Department of Art and Design (Mentor: Dr. Tamara Smithers)
Emily Stark - Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Mentor: Dr. David Menser)
Paul Watkins - Departments of Art and Design & Mathematics and Statistics (Mentors: Ms. Virginia Griswold and Dr. Ramanjit K. Sahi)
Isaac Wilbur - Department of Physics and Astronomy (Mentor: Dr. William Longhurst)

2015 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows
Jared Averitt - Department of Biology (Mentor: Dr. Sergei Markov)
Pat Barron - Department of Geosciences (Mentor: Dr. Kallina Dunkle)
Brooke Bedal - Department of Biology (Mentor: Dr. Chris Gienger)
Ian Chambers - Department of Sociology (Mentor: Dr. Trevor Brooks)
Benjamin Hardin - Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (Mentor: Dr. John Nicholson)
Christina Hunter - Department of Biology (Mentor: Dr. Amy Thompson)
Daniel Suiter - Department of Biology (Mentor: Dr. Chad Brooks)
Dustin Thede - Department of Psychology (Mentor: Dr. Brian Hock)
Lisa Tucker - Department of Biology (Mentor: Dr. Stefan Woltmann)
Elizabeth Upshur - Department of Languages and Literature (Mentor: Ms. Laura Schultz)
Lynn von Hagen - Department of Biology (Mentor: Dr. Stefan Woltmann)
Darlene White - Department of Sociology (Mentor: Dr. Jonniann Butterfield)

Additionally, we would like to congratulate the award winners from the 10th Annual Research and Creativity Forum held on April 17, 2015:

Oral Presentation Award
Joshua Hinckley - Department of Chemistry

Poster Presentation Awards
Dominic Critchlow - Department of Physics
Brittany Dreher - Department of Geosciences
Linh Nguyen - Department of Chemistry

Finally we would like to recognize Dr. Ben Ntatin (Department of Mathematics and Statistics) for being selected as the 2015 Distinguished Undergraduate Research Mentor award.