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Student Travel Awards

Application Deadlines:
September 18 – Travel occurring between October 1 and February 28
January 30 – Travel occurring between March 1 and September 30

Student Travel Funds Eligibility

Students applying for funds must be:

What type of travel can be funded?

Activities that aid scholarly development but that are not required for the completion of the degree. Types of activities include but are not limited to: conferences, participation in creative performances, scholarly workshops, and specialized training programs not available at APSU. Funds are limited and when exhausted no additional requests may be funded.

Student Travel Award

Travel awards will be funded for only one of two funding periods: August 30 or January 30. Requests can be made for anticipated expenses related to registration, transportation, and lodging only. Travel within North America and the Caribbean is eligible for a maximum of $750. Other international travel requests are eligible for a maximum of $1,000. Any travel outside of the United States must comply with all APSU and TBR policies on international travel. Approved funds will be reimbursed following the trip after 1) submission of the completed travel expense claim form and eligible receipts and 2) submission of the Post-Trip Survey. Failure to follow the guidelines or who do not provide appropriate receipts will not be reimbursed. Please note that OUR has limited travel funds and makes no guarantees regarding level of travel support. Not all awards will meet the maximum funding eligibility and previous travel support should not be used as an indication of future travel support.

Student Travel Funds Application Requirements

  1. Completed 
    College of Enrollment
    Purpose of Attending
    Select all that may apply
    Select all for which you are requesting support
    List the total cost
    List the total requested amount
    Only for OSRI purposes, not to be seen by reviewers: Check all you would consider yourself.
  2. Attach Letter of Support from faculty sponsor detailing the expected benefit of travel
  3. Attach APSU Travel Authorization Form
  4. Attach Documentation of Expected Expenses to email: osri@apsu.edu

General Guidelines

  1. Application Deadlines: August 30 (Oct-Feb travel) or January 30 (Mar-Sept travel)
  2. Eligible Expenses: lodging, transportation, registration and per diem only.
  3. Qualifications: Students applying for funds must be: currently enrolled at the time of application, have a minimum GPA of 2.5, have no record of formal discipline with the University (appeals can be made directly to OUR Director), not be a faculty/staff member of the University, not have received student travel funding during the previous funding period.
  4. Application Process:

Students who fail to follow the guidelines for funding or who do not provide appropriate receipts will not be reimbursed.