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Q: Do I need permission to survey people?

A: Yes. Generally, conducting surveys means you will interact with people. If you are conducting surveys for program evaluation and do not intend on presenting the findings either through publication of a paper in class, or at an academic workshop conference, then applying for permission is generally not required. Any other research where humans are surveyed and then you present the findings will need to go through the process of review under the Institutional Review Board at APSU.

Q: What if I want to interview people for class?

A: The same thought process applies to interviewing people for class assignments. For safety, you should get permission to interview (a form of qualitative research data collection) through your professor and the IRB committee. Presenting your findings through a paper or presentation may warrant IRB approval, especially if the work is funded through the Office of Student Research and Innovation.

Q: What is IRB?

A: IRB is the Institutional Review Board, a committee of university professionals who review the risks and benefits of research projects proposed at APSU. A video explains more about IRB here.

Q: Does a research paper or literature review count as human research?

A: Literature reviews or research papers do not qualify as human research. You may want to check with the IRB committee if your project meets the exempt policy, particularly if you plan to present your research in an academic setting.

Q: How do I get certified to conduct Human Research?

A: The APSU IRB committee provides free online training through the CITI program. You may sign up for the CITI training to receive a certificate that is good for three years while at APSU.