Physical Plant Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions/Key Words


For audio visual assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 931-221-4357.


For assistance with your cable needs, please contact CDE at 931-553-7302.

Effective July 1, 2017 or as soon as the supply of paper stored in Central Receiving has been depleted, printer/copy paper will no longer be stocked.  Paper will need to be purchased either through Staples or from another vendor if the price is less than advertised at Staples.  If you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing Office at 931-221-7434.

Most buildings are services by Diversified Maintenance.  Common cleaning tasks are completed daily, twice a week or weekly.  Click <here> for the typical schedule of cleaning tasks.


Routine cleaning, vacuuming and trash disposal services are provided for offices and labs during the evening hours when the department head authorizes the custodial staff to have keys to the space. Cleaning services are more efficiently provided after hours.


If, for security reasons, the department head does not wish the custodian to have key access to space during evening hours, special arrangements may be made such as limiting key access to supervisors, limited day cleaning or cleaning during arranged times.  You may contact Carl Gerhold at or call him at 931-221-6103 to get more information on this process.

Chairs/Tables:  If you are in need of extra tables/chairs in your own area for special events or meetings, etc., submit a Work Request for those items.  In the Description area of the Work Request, include exactly what is needed, when it is needed and when it should be removed.  (NOTE:  This does not include anything that involves a room/area reservation coordinated through the University Center.)


Large Packages Received in Shipping Area:  When you are contacted that you have a large order in Shipping/Receiving, submit a Work Request for those items.  Deliveries are made in the order the Work Requests are received.

Event planning and setups that involve reservation of rooms or areas on campus must be coordinated through the University Center.  This includes Tailgating Events. You may contact them by calling 931-221-6617 or through email at  

If you are having issues with your internet/ethernet connection, please contact the Help Desk at 931-221-4357.

Surplus Pickup:  A Work Request must be submitted in order for the moving crew to pick up surplus furniture for delivery to the Warehouse. Contact Office of Information Technology at 931-221-7588 when it pertains to computer equipment. Pickup of these items is coordinated through them.


Surplus Merchandise: Surplus merchandise can be selected and picked up by appointment between 8:00 am-3:30 pm, Monday-Friday, except on Holidays.  Appointments can be made by contacting Kelcy Hibpshman at 931-221-7420 or by emailing him at


Key Access Policy:  Classrooms are locked at night after cleaning by the custodial staff. At the request of the faculty, the locks on the doors are designed to be locked from the inside by the instructor during classes if desired, to insure that classes are not interrupted. Because of this arrangement, classrooms may accidentally become locked between classes by someone pulling the door shut while no one is in the classroom to open it.


If you are locked out of your office, you will have to contact your department head or secretary to let you in your office. Building supervisors have master keys to their respective building.


University policy states that all space on campus must be accessible through the use of a University master key. Non-college locks are NOT allowed.


Please be aware that additional keys can be made at no charge for classrooms, offices, bathrooms, labs, etc.; however, there is a $10.00 charge for the replacement of lost keys. If door lock changes are required, there is a $36.00 charge per door for this service.


Key Request:  Key Requests are now submitted online by going to APSU One Stop. After online submission, the request will automatically route for approval to the proper person.


After you log into One Stop, go to the “Employee” tab.


At the bottom of the employee tab you will see “Key Request” – click on it.

  • It should automatically populate with your supervisor’s name,
  • From the drop down you can pick the “Department Head/Chair”,
  • From the drop down you can pick the “Department”,
  • From the drop down pick what position the person holds,
  • Enter the “A” number of the first person needing a key and add another person as needed,
  • Select your “Building” from the drop down,
  • Select your “Room #” from the drop down, for card swipe pick “Building Entrance”,
  • Add another “Room #” if an additional key is needed, keep adding room numbers as needed,
  • Select a “Key Type” which is the room only key, a sub-master, a master or ID Card Access.
  • Then hit “Continue”, if everything looks like you want it hit “Submit” if not go back which requires you to start all over.

The request will automatically route to the proper areas for approval.  An email will be sent to the person that is required for approval.  After all approvals are made, the request will be forward to the Operations Manager, Debbie Suiter, at the Physical Plant for processing.  You will be contacted by email when your keys are ready or your ID has been activated for the appropriate building.  If you have difficulty submitting your key request online, there is also a pdf copy you may print out and submit manually (with approval signatures).  If you have any questions or problems, please contact Debbie Suiter at 931-221-7021 or by email at

All office relocation plans must be coordinated through Kelcy Hibpshman.  You may contact him by calling 931-221-7420 or by email at


The following is general information that could be helpful when planning an office relocation.


  • All moves should be planned and approved by the Department Head or Director and coordinated through Kelcy Hibpshman before work requests are placed.
  • Moving boxes may be provided (if available) through Physical Plant with the approval of the Inventory Clerk or Director of Physical Plant.  Simply submit a Work Request and if there are boxes available, they will provide them.
  • Contact Physical Plant by placing a Work Request well in advance of your target moving date to place the move on the moving crews schedule.

All parking decals are handled by the Public Safety Department.  For more information, please contact them at 931-221-7786.

If you have received a parking ticket and need to make payment or more information, please contact Public Safety at 931-221-7786.

 All renovation projects must be approved and coordinated through Tom Hutchins, Physical Plant Director.  You may contact him by phone at 931-221-6330 or by email at

All vehicle reservations are now handled online through Enterprise.  Below are links for pricing information and to reserve a vehicle. If you do a lot of traveling, you may want to join the Emerald Club.  You don't HAVE to join in order to rent a vehicle but there are advantages.  Find the answers to your questions below:


Interested in joining the Emerald Club?

Not Interested in joining the Emerald Club?

What are the costs associated with renting a vehicle?

How do I pick up my vehicle and what do I do to return it?

What if I get into an accident?


Click Here to Reserve a Vehicle



Below are the problem resolutions received from Enterprise in relation to the recent survey: 


1.  My request does not match my paperwork.

If your request does not match your paperwork, contact the Enterprise location where you are renting the vehicle and they will make the correction.     Contact information you can use is:


Shane Hughes – branch manager, Wilma Rudolph Blvd location; 931-648-0990

Stephen Womack – assistant manager, Wilma Rudolph Blvd location; 931-648-0990

Shaqilla Jones – branch manager, North 2nd Street location; 931-645-9982 

Drinda Hensley – assistant manager, North 2nd Street location; 931-645-9982

Anthony Herrera– branch manager, 41A Bypass location; 931-241-4023 

Kristy Nefferdorf – assistant manager, 41A Bypass location;  931-241-4023

After-Hours Needs or Issues – Holden Richmond, Area Manager; 615-336-9675

*Any problems that you cannot resolve with the managers or assistant managers can be resolved through Area Manager, Holden Richmond.


2.  Vans have been delivered to campus by Enterprise that are not filled up with gasoline.

Any vehicle delivered to campus should now come with a full tank of gas.  When you return the vehicle after your trip, please remember to fill it back up with a full tank of gas.  If you pick up the vehicle at one of the locations, you will need to fill it back up to the level you received it.  The full tank offer does not apply for those vehicles unless you want to wait while they go fill it up.


3.  Enterprise has delivered a wrecked vehicle at the Shasteen location.

Per Martia Brown, this was an error and will not happen again.  Due to a large vehicle request from Fort Campbell, the wrecked vehicle was the only roadworthy vehicle available for the trip.  Enterprise will make contact with the renter to make changes to their request if this problem every arises again.


4.  There are billing issues; invoices are not getting paid on time.

You can charge your travel to the billing account or by using your travel card.  You can get a travel card through Procurement and Contracts, Marilyn Griffy, 931-221-7434.  If you need the billing account number, please contact Earleen Barefoot, 931-221-7039, or Debbie Suiter, 931-221-7021.  Sometimes it is best to contact Enterprise by phone to make sure you are going to be charged for the proper length of travel.  Start by doing the rental online using the APSU Enterprise website.  Then make a call to the proper location.  This helps especially if you want a delivery on Friday and your travel does not begin until Saturday or Sunday.  The more you communicate and follow up with Enterprise, the less issues other employees were having. 


5.  Some are having issues with online weekend return rentals.

If you go to the Enterprise website located on the Physical Plant website and request a vehicle for a weekend trip to return on Saturday or Sunday after the Enterprise location closing hours, please enter Monday as your return day.  The website will not allow you to return when the locations are closed.  You may then place a call to the rental location and discuss your Saturday or Sunday return time and they will change your rental paperwork to reflect that.  

It is very important that Enterprise be notified when you have returned your vehicle to the Shasteen building and the keys dropped in the Enterprise drop box.  Enterprise needs to know where the vehicle is located, the mileage, date and time.  This will stop the charges for your trip.  Notification should be done by email to all four of the email addresses below OR by using the QR code provided above the key drop box at Shasteen.  

6.  I do not know who to contact at the different locations.

All of this information is located on the APSU website, Physical Plant page and above at #1.


7.  I chose to walk home from the Wilma Rudolph location because the wait time for a ride was too long.

Enterprise asks that you contact the location in advance to let them know you will need a ride home upon your return.  This will cut down your wait time considerably.


8.  I would like a 15 passenger size van with the backseat removed for storage but don’t see that option.

Enterprise is no longer allowed to remove the back seats of the 15 passenger vans for liability reasons.  They will deliver all 15 passenger vans with the seats in them.  You will need to put your equipment on or under the last seat.  If you need a van with storage space, you can rent a 12 passenger vehicle.  You must call the Enterprise location 48 hours ahead of your trip to request the 12 passenger vehicle.  If you or your department removes the seats from the van and the van is left at a different location, your department will be responsible for the fee to get the seat back in the appropriate van.  We recommend not removing the seat and renting a 12 passenger van if you need the extra space.  NOTE:  You must call ahead for the 12 passenger vans.  They are not offered online because this is a size they don’t normally carry on each lot.


9.  Am I able to rent a vehicle on the same day I request it?

If you call the day of your trip for a vehicle and they do not have the size you are requesting, they will give you what they have available but should charge you the rate of the vehicle you requested.  For example -  If you wanted a compact car and they do not have one and give you a full size car, your bill should only be for the compact car price.


10.  I was charged the wrong price for my rental.

If you use the APSU Enterprise website with your Emerald Club number, this should not happen.


11.  Some vehicles are receiving tickets for unauthorized parking/handicapped parking upon return to the Dunn Center.

Lot #3 has been designated the delivery parking location for any Enterprise vehicles rented by the Athletic teams that reside in the Dunn Center.  Between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, rented vehicles can be parked at Lot #3 and the keys can be dropped off in the Athletic Office, Dunn Center Room 227.  If delivery is outside of these hours, please bring the keys and vehicle to the Shasteen building and follow the procedures above.


12.  How do I get my vehicle picked up from the APSU campus?

All vehicles must be returned to the Shasteen Building parking lot and the keys placed in the Enterprise drop box in the Campus Police lobby.  The driver should send an email to the addresses below OR use the QR code that is provided above the key drop box in the Campus Police lobby.    They need to know the date, time, and mileage upon return and where the vehicle is located on campus.  (The QR code keeps you from having to enter each of the addresses yourself.)            


Any problems that you cannot resolve with the managers or assistant managers do not hesitate to call Holden Richmond.

Holden Richmond – Area Rental Manager, Middle Tennesee Region Area 56ME    Mobile: 615-336-9675; Fax: 885-295-9512


If you need assistance with any of the above, please contact Debbie Suiter at 931-221-7021 or Earleen Barefoot at 931-221-7039.


Most buildings are serviced by Diversified Maintenance.  The recycling containers in each building are generally emptied twice a week.  Click <here> for the current schedule.


If you have questions, please call 931-221-6263.

Shipping Address: 681 Summer Street, Clarksville, TN 37040


Employee Return/Ship Packages: Label with complete street address (no P.O. Box numbers). A university account number must be included for the shipping charges. If package is to be insured, notate this information along with the amount of insurance needed. Note: Physical Plant cannot ship out student or personal packages – they have to be shipped through the APSU post office.


Student Packages:  All UPS and FedEx packages are received in Central/Receiving located in the Shasteen building, behind Fortera Stadium. At 1:00 pm, all student packages are carried to the University Post Office where they place a notice in your mailbox.


If you have questions, please call 931-221-7020.

Nameplates or department signs can be requested by placing a work request <here>. Note: Use problem type "Signage." Please give color, size and correct spelling of sign being requested.


If you have questions, please call 931-221-7020.

If you have an issue with a vending machine on campus, please call 931-221-6164.

If you have an issue with one of the campus washers and/or dryers, please contact the Housing Office at 931-221-7444.

In order to submit a maintenance work order, click on Work Request and follow the directions for submission.