1:023 Compensation
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1:023 Compensation


Austin Peay State


Issued:  March 30, 2017

Responsible Official:  Vice President for Finance and Administration

Responsible Office:  Human Resources


Policy Statement

It is the policy of Austin Peay State University to compensate employees fairly, equitably and consistent with market and performance.


The goal of the University is to provide all employees compensation consistent with market and satisfactory job performance. This goal is reflected within the University budget and will be dependent upon budget availability.


-Compensation Philosophy
-Part-Time Faculty Compensation Rate
-Faculty Compensation for Teaching Credit Courses as an Overload

-APSU Policy 5:011
-APSU Policy 5:014
-APSU Compensation Plan




  1. The University desires to have a compensation system which is fair, equitable and accountable to the Board of Trustees and the public-at-large.
    1. The Board of Trustees will consider budget availability in all salary decisions.
    2. This policy will cover compensation transactions at the University.
    3. The same reportable policies apply to positions totally supported by restricted or auxiliary funds.
  2. Faculty
    1. Faculty salaries will be a primary objective and priority in developing and approving the overall system budget.
    2. It is the goal of the Board of Trustees, within available funds, to provide competitive compensation for faculty, consistent with the market for their discipline and rank at officially recognized peer institutions and consistent with performance.
  3. Staff
    1. It is the goal of the Board of Trustees within available funds, to compensate staff within the approved compensation plan consistent with market and performance.

  1. The University will develop and maintain a compensation plan to be approved by the Board. This plan will be updated as necessary.
  2. Salary adjustments may occur under the following circumstances.
    1. Upon approval of the Board of Trustees, annual increases may be given to faculty and staff as an across-the-board, cost-of-living adjustment, merit-based or equity-based, or other increases as may be required by the state.
    2. Employees may be awarded a salary increase for completion of the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) exam as outlined in APSU Policy 5:016.
    3. In rare circumstances APSU may choose to counteroffer in order to retain an employee who has been offered another position outside of the University. Documentation of the need for the offer must be presented and the counteroffer approved by the appropriate Executive Authority before such an offer is made.
    4. Critical and special adjustments may occur in extraordinary circumstances to retain a uniquely qualified employee where APSU is in danger of losing the employee. Documentation of the need for the adjustment must be presented and the adjustment approved by the appropriate Executive Authority before such an offer is made.
    5. Employees may be eligible for an adjustment for obtaining a job related degree as outlined in APSU Policy 5:027.
    6. The University may adjust an employee’s salary to mitigate an internal inequity or verified external inequity.
    7. An employee may receive an approved bonus as defined by the University, state legislation, or another approving authority.
    8. Faculty promotions will follow APSU Policy 1:025, Policy on Academic Tenure.
    9. Non-faculty promotions may occur when an employee assumes the duties of a vacant position at a higher level. Non-faculty promotions will follow APSU Policy 5:036.
    10. Reclassifications may occur when an employee’s duties have significantly changed. All reclassifications will follow APSU Policy 5:026.
    11. The Office for Human Resources will process a technical adjustment if an error on a previously approved salary is discovered in order to correct the error. 
    12. In certain circumstances it may be appropriate to pay employees compensation for assuming additional duties outside their required responsibilities. Any pay adjustments for additional work will follow APSU Policy 5:014.

Part-Time Faculty Compensation Rate
  1. APSU Policy 5:011, provides that "Part-time instructional personnel shall be paid on the basis of the credit or noncredit hours taught, pursuant to such policies and/or schedules as may be established by the Board."
  2. The rates set forth in this schedule shall be considered maximum rates for compensation of part-time faculty.

Level                      Rate per Semester Credit Hour

  4                                             $700

  3                                             $650

  2                                             $600

  1                                              $550

  1. The University will develop criteria for assigning part-time faculty to the four levels.
    1. The criteria may include such factors as educational qualifications, market differentials, and professional experience.
    2. Exceptions to the schedule may be approved by the president based on bona fide market studies which can be documented.

Faculty Compensation
for Teaching Credit
Courses as an Overload
  1. APSU Policy 5:014 Outside Employment provides that “the minimum rates per credit hour of instruction… must be applied when calculating compensation for extra service for full-time faculty teaching credit courses at the university.”
  2. The rates set forth in this policy shall be considered minimum rates for compensation of full-time faculty teaching credit courses in excess of the normal load.

Rank                                        Rate per Credit Hour of

Full Professor                                             $700

Associate Professor                                    $650

Assistant Professor                                     $600

Instructor                                                     $550

  1. The rate per credit hour of instruction refers to the number of credits granted toward the faculty load, which may differ from the number of student credit hours.
    1. Faculty often receive more credits for teaching laboratory courses, for example, than they do for non-laboratory courses.


APSU Policy 5:011


APSU Policy 5:014


APSU Compensation


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APSU Policy 1:023 - Issued: March 30, 2017

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