2:003 Continuing Education Units
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2:003 Continuing Education Units


Austin Peay State
Continuing Education Units


Issued:  March 25, 2017
Responsible Official:  Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Responsible Office:  Office of Continuing Education


Policy Statement

The Continuing Education Unit (C.E.U.) should be used as the basic means for recognizing an individual's participation in, and for recording an institution's offering of, non-credit classes, courses, and programs.  A C.E.U. is defined as ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education (adult or extension) experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.



The following criteria are to be utilized for the awarding of Individual C.E.U.'s:

  1. The non-credit activity is planned in response to an assessment of educational need for a specific target population.
  2. There is a statement of objectives and rationale.
  3. Content is selected and is organized in a sequential manner.
  4. There is evidence of pre-planning that should include opportunity for input by a representative of the target group to be served, the faculty area having content expertise, and Continuing Education personnel.
  5. The activity is of an instructional nature and is sponsored or approved by an academic or administrative unit of the institution best qualified to affect the quality of the program content and to approve the resource personnel utilized.
  6. There is provision for registration for individual participants and to provide data for institutional reporting.
  7. Appropriate evaluation procedures are utilized and criteria are established for awarding C.E.U.'s to individual students prior to the beginning of the activity.  This may include the evaluation of student performance, instructional procedures, and course effectiveness.

Non-credit offerings that do not meet the Individual C.E.U. criteria should be accounted for only in terms of the Institutional C.E.U.; no Individual C.E.U.'s should be awarded.  Normally these non-credit offerings will be less structured and more informal in nature.

Neither Individual nor Institutional C.E.U.'s normally should be used to recognize or account for participation in entertainment, social, or athletic activities.  Institutional C.E.U.'s should meet the following criteria:

  1. The activity is a planned educational experience of a continuing educational nature.
  2. The activity is sponsored by an academic or administrative unit of the institution qualified to affect the quality of the program content and to select and approve their source personnel utilized.
  3. Record of attendance is required for institutional reporting use and the administrative unit for special activities will maintain a file of program materials. Attendance records may be in terms of an accurate headcount. 

Continuing Education is the administrative component responsible for the Continuing Education Unit and has final approval for the number of C.E.U.'s to be issued for C.E.U. activities.

Procedures for Approval of Continuing Education Units

The program content and request for Category Assignment form, is used to request approval for Continuing Education Units for conference and seminar type activities.  The request for Short Course Approval form (PPM Form 2:003:a) and Topical Course Outline form (PPM Form 2:003:c) are used to request approval for Continuing Education Units for Short Course activities. 

Conferences and Seminars and Short Courses 

  1. The completed form with all required attachments is submitted by the Continuing Education Office to the appropriate chairman and the dean of the college or equivalent officials within an administrative unit.  Either may reject the request or return it to the Office of Continuing Education with a written explanation of the rejection.
  2. If the request is approved, the form and attachments are returned to the Office of Continuing Education, who will assign a computer number and distribute copies of the approved and numbered form to the originator, the dean, and a file copy, is retained.
  3. A computer registration form, completed by those attending for Individual Continuing Education Units, or an accurate headcount of those attending for Institutional Continuing Education Units must be submitted to the Office of Continuing Education, where the information will be entered in the computer and a permanent record established.
  4. Participants' records are available through the Registrar’s Office and transcripts of Continuing Education Unit activities can be requested just as a regular transcript would be requested.

Revision Dates

APSU Policy 2:003 – Rev.: March 25, 2017
APSU Policy 2:003 – Rev.: August 1, 1986
APSU Policy 2:003 – Issued: August 3, 1983

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