2:050 English Proficiency
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2:050 English Proficiency


Austin Peay State
English Proficiency

Issued:  March 25, 2017

Responsible Official:  Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Responsible Office:  Academic Affairs


Policy Statement

English language proficiency is expected for new faculty hires that engage students, such as faculty, adjuncts, graduate teaching assistants, lab managers, advisors, coordinators, directors, and faculty recommended for tenure.


English language proficiency is considered a necessary medium for student learning in a predominantly English-speaking classroom within the United States. Therefore, APSU faculty who engage in instruction delivery and/or have impacts on student success at APSU should have excellent English mastery in spoken and written forms. This policy is intended to support student success while also providing guidance for APSU faculty whose non-native language is English.


-Hiring Authority
-English Proficiency


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- Communication Proficiency Form


Hiring Authority Most often, this individual is a direct report to the President. Direct reports to the President include the Provost, Vice President for Finance & Administration, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Vice President for External Affairs.

English Proficiency The capacity to communicate effectively in English in oral and written forms that does not require additional unreasonable efforts of students to learn the content of the material presented during instruction and/or engage in required activities in alignment with student success.



Any recommendation for: (1) hiring a new APSU faculty, or (2) granting tenure to a current faculty member will be accompanied by Communication Proficiency Form which attests to the faculty member’s ability to:

  1. Speak English clearly,
  2. Write effectively in English,
  3. Understand spoken English, and
  4. Communicate effectively in both written and oral formats appropriate for the academic environment.

During the hiring process and during the tenure process, it is expected that supervisors submit a Communication Proficiency form to the Hiring Authority for all APSU personnel engaged in student learning and student success. For faculty and adjunct hires and faculty seeking tenure, the Communication Proficiency form must be approved by the Dean and Provost. 

Should the Hiring Authority approve, APSU personnel may seek English-remediation to improve English proficiency in a timely manner to execute their duties and responsibilities. For example, it is reasonable for an employee to enroll in an English course supported by English as a Second Language (ESL). However, there is no guarantee that English remediation will be granted to support hiring new personnel or support tenure.

Related Forms

Proficiency Form

Revision Dates

APSU Policy 2:050 (previously 5:030) – Rev.: March 25, 2017
APSU Policy 2:050 – Rev.: May 16, 1994
APSU Policy 2:050 – Issued: August 1, 1986

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