5:017 Charitable Organization Campaigns and Contributions
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5:017 Charitable Organization Campaigns and Contributions


Austin Peay State
Charitable Organization Campaigns and Contributions

Issued:  March 8, 2017

Responsible Official:  Vice President for Finance and Administration

Responsible Office:  Human Resources


Policy Statement

On an annual basis in accordance with the provisions in this policy, designated charitable organizations that have been previously approved may participate in a workplace fund-raising campaign. Employees of Austin Peay State University may authorize deductions from their pay for donations to these designated organizations.


The purpose of this policy is to establish the operational procedures for Charitable Organization Campaigns and Contributions.


-Making Charitable Contributions
-Enrollment Campaigns
-Process to Establish Payroll Deductions
-Methods of Payroll Deduction
-Requirements and Limitations
-Designating an Organization or Agency for Charitable Deductions


Making Charitable

Part of the University's mission is community service.  Therefore, to assist employees who wish to engage in charitable giving, the University provides services to facilitate contributions.  For many, donations to a recognized agency campaign may be the major charitable contribution made during the year, while for others it is only part of their overall charitable contribution plan.  Giving is a matter of personal conscience and ability and is not a job performance requirement.

Contributions may be made through payroll deductions for organizations which have met Austin Peay State University’s standards for voluntary contributions and the requirements of this policy.  Eligible organizations must provide direct and substantial health and human services to APSU employees, their families, and other Tennesseans and/or provide substantial financial support to health and human services agencies that provide significant services to Tennesseans and have a substantial presence in the State.

Enrollment Campaigns

Austin Peay State University will conduct a primary charitable giving campaign in the fall of each year. All organizations registered with the APSU Office of Human Resources by August 1 of each year will be eligible to participate.  An employee will be appointed annually by the President to coordinate the annual fund drive by assembling and mailing information to each employee.  Materials for distribution must be received at the University by September 1 in order to be distributed in the campaign.  The Campaign Coordinator will also receive pledges and forward that information to Human Resources for payroll deduction.  No agency will be allowed to solicit on campus during the campaign unless participating in an activity that is available to all organizations.

Any other charitable campaigns must be approved by the President.

Process to Establish
Payroll Deductions

The Office of Human Resources will maintain a master list of eligible agencies which is available to all employees. 

Information about a particular agency may be obtained from the agency directly through telephone numbers provided in this listing.

  1. Organizations with current payroll deductions are "grandfathered" and will not require additional approval.
  2. New organizations must contact the APSU Office of Human Resources to provide documentation and obtain approval for deductions.
  3. Newly approved organizations will be added to the master list on the date specified in the calendar.

Methods of Payroll
  1. Employees may select a monthly deduction, which will commence with the paycheck in January.  Lump-sum contributions will be taken entirely from the January paycheck.  Persons on the semi-monthly payroll will have their deductions split into equal amounts for both payrolls in a month.
  2. New employees may select monthly or lump-sum deductions.  These payroll deductions will be taken from the paycheck during the first full month of employment.

Requirements and
  1. Newly approved organizations will be required to obtain a minimum of five (5) participants at APSU in order to establish payroll deductions.
  2. Employees will be limited to three (3) charitable organization deductions.  Umbrella organizations, such as United Way or Combined Health Appeal of Tennessee, will be regarded as one deduction.

Designating an
Organization or
Agency for Charitable
  1. Austin Peay State University employees will use the Charitable Organization Pledge Form to designate contributions to particular agencies or sub-agencies. Pledge forms should be forwarded directly to the Campaign Chairperson who will forward them to Human Resources at the close of the Annual Charitable Giving Campaign.
  2. Austin Peay State University does not inform participating charity agencies of the individual names of employees who designate their pledge.  Employees who would like an agency to know of pledges designated under their names may send a copy of the completed authorization form to the agency.  Personal checks should be forwarded through the Campaign Chairperson who will forward them to the designated agency.  This ensures the University receives credit for the contribution.  No cash contributions will be accepted.

Revision Dates

APSU Policy 5:017 (previously 5:034) – Rev.: March 8, 2017   
APSU Policy 5:017 – Issued: February 15, 2000

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