5:032 HR Emergency Procedures
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5:032 HR Emergency Procedures


Austin Peay State
HR Emergency Procedures

Issued:  March 25, 2017

Responsible Official:  Vice President for Finance and Administration

Responsible Office:  Human Resources


Policy Statement

It is the policy of Austin Peay State University to have procedures in place for Human Resources when it is declared that emergency conditions exist in order to protect students, employees, facilities, systems, or other property, and normal operations to the greatest extent possible.


The purpose of this is to establish the criteria and process regarding human resource procedures in the event of a declared emergency for employees at the University.


-Declaration of Emergency
-Suspension of Personnel Policies and Procedures
-Emergency Response Personnel
-Emergency Leave of Absence
-Payroll and Benefits
-Sick Leave Bank


  1. When it is declared that emergency conditions exist, it is the intent of the University to protect students, employees, facilities, systems, other property, and normal operations to the greatest extent possible.
  2. In the event that normal operations cannot be maintained, the goal will be to maximize the continuity of essential services in order to minimize the adverse impact of the emergency.  It will further be the intent of the University to return to full operations and services as quickly as possible.
  3. This Policy specifically addresses Human Resource procedures necessary to support the above goals.
  4. Emergency situations covered by this policy include, but are not limited to, natural disasters, the spread of communicable disease, financial crises, and terrorist attacks or other acts of war.

Declaration of Emergency
  1. Upon the occurrence of an emergency situation, the President or designee shall issue a Declaration of Emergency. This Declaration shall trigger the implementation of the provisions of this policy.
  2. When the emergency has abated to the point that normal operations may be resumed, the President shall so note through a second Declaration. 

Suspension of Personnel Policies and Guidelines

When a Declaration of Emergency has been issued, the following APSU Personnel Policies and Procedures shall be suspended and replaced by the provisions of this policy:

  1. Policy 5:011 General Personnel Policy
  2. Policy 5:019 Employee Classification
  3. Policy 5:020 Leave Policies
  4. Policy 5:030 Holidays
  5. Policy 5:031 Days of Administrative Closing
  6. Policy 2:048 Extra Compensation and Compensation for Services Rendered During Summer Session, Intersession, and Outside Active Contracts
  7. Policy 2:054 Employment of Graduate Assistants
  8. Policy 5:015 Compensatory/Overtime
  9. Policy 1:023 Compensation
  10. Policy 5:016 Certified Administrative Professional Examination
  11. Policy 5:001 Educational Expenses for APSU Employees
  12. Policy 5:005 Educational Assistance for Spouses and Dependents of APSU Employees

Emergency Response Personnel
  1. Any employee who is identified by the University as essential to meeting critical needs during an emergency will be designated as Emergency Response Personnel.
    1. To the extent possible, the University should identify and train these personnel through their process of emergency response planning.
    2. When personnel are identified, the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) should be notified through memo.
  2. TheCHRO will identify the key personnel necessary to process payroll and maintain continuity of employee benefits for the University.
    1. These key personnel must be able to perform their essential functions from a remote location.

Emergency Leave
of Absence
  1. During an Emergency Declaration, any employee who is not designated as Emergency Response Personnel will be placed on Emergency Leave of Absence (ELOA) for the duration of the Emergency Declaration.

Payroll and Benefits
  1. For the duration of the Emergency Declaration, those employees identified as Emergency Response Personnel will continue to receive regular pay. In addition, Emergency Response Personnel will receive compensatory time for the time spent on duty during the period of emergency.
  2. Employees who are placed on Emergency Leave of Absence, and were scheduled and available to work during the Emergency Declaration, will suffer no loss of pay during the emergency period.
  3. Employees placed on ELOA who had requested leave time prior to the Emergency Declaration will be considered to be not available for work during the request period and will be charged for the leave previously requested.

Sick Leave Bank
  1. During an Emergency Declaration, employees who are members of their local sick leave bank, and who have exhausted all leave time and are in a period of unpaid leave, may be able to request a withdrawal from their local sick leave bank depending upon the availability and approval of the local Sick Leave Bank Trustees.
    1. Employees requesting access to the Sick Leave Bank must be able to document, through physician records, a period of illness during their period of unpaid leave.
  2. If the Sick Leave Bank Trustees determine that the numbers of hours on deposit are not sufficient to meet the approved requests, they may suspend operation of the sick leave bank until the Emergency Declaration has passed.
  3. Sick Leave Bank members may not be assessed for further hours until the Emergency Declaration has been lifted.

Revision Dates

APSU Policy 5:032 – Issued: March 25, 2017 

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