5:036 Non-Faculty Promotion
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5:036 Non-Faculty Promotion


Austin Peay State
Non-Faculty Promotions

Issued:  March 31, 2017

Responsible Official:  Vice President for Finance and Administration

Responsible Office:  Human Resources


Policy Statement

This policy establishes the criteria for non-faculty promotions at Austin Peay State University.



Promotions are an increase in position brought about by means of assuming the duties of a vacant position at a higher level. The recommended employee may not be in a probationary status at the time of the recommended position change. A promotion is not defined as a reclassification, which is a change of responsibilities within the employee’s current position.


Upon consultation as deemed appropriate by the divisional executive authority, requests for promotion are initiated by the Department Head/Director or above.  Requests should be submitted via a written memo to the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action through the Department’s chain of approval up to the divisional executive authority.  This may be submitted electronically or via paper with appropriate signature lines.  Upon receipt, the Office of Human Resources will ensure that the employee meets the minimum position requirements. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action will review the request to ensure that it is in compliance with the University’s affirmative action goals. If concerns are noted, requests will be returned to the department. If the request is certified by the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, the Office of Human Resources will forward the request to the divisional executive authority. After making a decision to approve or deny, the Executive Authority should notify the initiating Department Head/Director and The Office of Human Resources.  If the request is approved, The Office of Human Resources will prepare a new employment contract and obtain appropriate signatures to execute the contract.


APSU Policy 5:011 http://www.apsu.edu/policy/personnel-policy-5011

Revision Dates

APSU Policy 5:036 (previously 5:066) – Rev.: March 31, 2017
APSU Policy 5:036 – Rev.: December 9, 2015
APSU Policy 5:036 – Issued: May 1, 2012

Subject Areas:

Academic Finance General Human



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