8:003 Athletic Ticket Policy and Ticket Office Procedures
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8:003 Athletic Ticket Policy and Ticket Office Procedures


Austin Peay State
Athletic Ticket Policy and Ticket Office Procedures

Issued:  January 12, 2017

Responsible Official:  Director of Athletics

Responsible Office:  Athletics Department


Policy Statement

It is the policy of Austin Peay State University that procedures to control ticket distribution and accounting for gate receipts are established in order to ensure proper management of tickets issued for athletic events.


The purpose of this policy is to implement detailed procedures to control ticket distribution and accounting for gate receipts.


-General Ticket Procedures
-Complimentary Tickets
-Student Tickets
-Special Passes


General Ticket
  1. The price of tickets is recommended by the Athletic Director and approved by the President prior to the printing of the tickets.
    1. A ticket is assigned to each seat available for occupancy except in designated student sections for all home football games.
    2. The price is based on the ticket prices of other conference schools and opponents.
  2. Procedures for securing, distributing, documenting and controlling tickets.
    1. Tickets are received thru the normal University receiving process and verified against ticket manifest from shipper.
    2. The tickets are then delivered to the Athletic Ticket Office.  The Ticket Manager (Technical Clerk) is responsible for the distribution of all tickets.
    3. All season and individual ticket sales are conducted from the Ticket Office or at the game site unless approved by the President or his/her designee.
  3. All money received is deposited in the Business Office and credited to the proper account.
  4. All persons admitted to an athletic event for which there is an admission charge must provide a valid ticket, valid APSU student I.D., or other pass provided for or approved by the President or his/her designee.
    1. Gate and/or doorkeepers are utilized to insure that persons who are admitted to athletic events have a valid ticket, a valid APSU student I.D., or an appropriate pass.
    2. Security personnel and ushers are maintained to enforce seat assignment and appropriate conduct at athletic events.
  5. The Ticket Manager (Technical Clerk) is responsible for accounting for all tickets issued for each game.

Complimentary Tickets
  1. Complimentary tickets are those tickets given to individuals to express gratitude or appreciation for services, contributions, or other assistance to APSU.  All complimentary tickets shall be charged to a University account and credited as athletic revenue.
  2. Complimentary tickets must be approved by the President or his/her designee, the Athletic Director, and the department head whose account the tickets are to be charged.
  3. Complimentary season tickets will either be picked up in the Ticket Office or delivered by a University representative.  All tickets must be signed for by the recipient.  Tickets may be mailed if it is reasonable and most practical distribution method.
  4. Individual game complimentary tickets are held at the "Will Call" window for pick up by the person authorized to receive them; signatures are obtained when tickets are picked up.
  5. A listing of complimentary tickets will be prepared and approved by the President or his/her designee prior to each event and filed for audit purposes.  The listing will contain the name of the individual who will receive the ticket, the account to which the cost of the ticket will be charged, the cost, and the purpose of issuing the ticket.
  6. All tickets requested and granted as complimentary are charged to appropriate accounts regardless of whether they are picked up.
  7. The individual authorized to receive the ticket must acknowledge receipt of the ticket(s) by signing for them.
  8. Complimentary tickets issued to athletic endowment scholarship donors, Governors Club major donors, Athletic staff members and other special groups as approved by the President or his/her designee shall be charged to a special Athletic Department expenditures account and credit will be given to the appropriate athletic account for these tickets for control purposes only.  No institutional funds shall be transferred to athletics for complimentary tickets enumerated in this paragraph (H).

Student Tickets

A valid ID must be presented for student seating at athletic events.

Special Passes
  1. A listing of special passes issued for each event will be prepared and filed for audit purposes.  The listing will include the number of passes by user category, the pass numbers, the purpose of issuing the pass, and to whom the pass was issued.
  2. Retired faculty/staff members will be provided 2 season tickets at the same rate as current faculty and staff.  Those “grandfathered” in (those holding season tickets upon retirement) will receive complimentary tickets upon written request (excluding club, suites, or other/future premium seating identified by the athletics department). These tickets must be picked up and signed for in the Ticket Office by the retiree.  The Athletics department will contact the Human Resource Office to confirm status and eligibility upon written request from the retiree.
  3. Press passes are controlled by the Athletic Communications Office.  Passes for game workers and concession workers are controlled by the athletics department.

  1. Admission to the President’s suite is located on the west side of Fortera Stadium and is controlled by the President's Office.
  2. Tickets issued to visiting team athletes are controlled by the game contract between the two schools.
  3. Tickets that are required by contract, conference, association, etc., are not complimentary tickets.
  4. Procedure for issuing contract tickets to student-athletes shall be in accordance with NCAA rules. 


Exceptions to this policy are subject to written justification and approval by the Director of Athletics.  The Director of Athletics shall seek approval by the President before implementation.

Revision Dates

APSU Policy 8:003 (previously 4:024) – Rev.: January 12, 2017
APSU Policy 8:003 – Rev.: March 9, 2016
APSU Policy 8:003 – Rev.: August 10, 1990
APSU Policy 8:003 – Issued: August 1, 1986

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