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Frequently Asked Questions about Policies

When submitting a new policy please use the policy template provided here New Policy Template or email financeAdmin@apsu.edu to request the template. The content of the policy will be at the discretion of the initiating authority, being selected in accordance with the criteria of clarity, conciseness, etc. For new policies, please use the Policy Template Structure guide to assist you with creating or revising a policy.

A monthly email is sent to the campus community notifying them of the recent policy updates. Additionally a list of recently updated and approved policies in the last 6 months can be found on the Recently Updated and/or Approved Policies page.

The University Policy Committee (UPC) approves all new policies and revised existing policies. The UPC recommends approval of a policy to the President and/or Board of Trustees. A list of the UPC members can be found on the UPC Minutes and Committee Members page.
An administrative review is conducted by the responsible official at least every five years. Some policies are reviewed every year or every three years. Changes to the policy are presented to the UPC. Updates to the policy are noted in the revisions section. For a copy of a previous policy, contact the Office of Finance and Administration at 221-7883.
For any questions regarding policies, please contact the Office of Finance and Administration at 221-7883 for assistance.