Adaptive Recreation
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Adaptive Recreation

Many people aren’t aware of the challenges that exist for those with a disability in becoming physically active. The Foy Fitness & Recreation Center is reaching out to the community with our Adaptive Recreation program to help the APSU and Clarksville community participate, get involved, and make a difference.

What is Adaptive Recreation?

Everyone should be able to participate in physical and recreation activities.  This is accomplished through modifications in traditional sports, programs, and fitness training that allow participants and athletes to train and play alongside their non-disabled peers. 

Our goal in introducing an Adaptive Recreation program is to raise awareness and provide opportunities for those of specialized populations to be physically active regardless of disability. 

We are able to offer these programs through many partnerships with APSU departments as well as community organizations.


The adaptive recreation programs will provide opportunities across many recreational areas to accommodate various interests.

Intramural Sports

We frequently offer sports everyone can participate in such as goalball, seated volleyball, and even wheelchair basketball.


Our aquatics programs incorporate specialized adapted swim lessons in the summer and an underwater treadmill is available for use during the pool season for a low impact cardio option.

Govs Outdoors

Many adventure activities such as rock climbing can also be adapted to meet any ability level. 

Team River Runner (TRR)

A program designed for APSU and Clarksville community veterans, active duty military, and military family members with or without adaptive needs.  TRR creates an environment of healthy adventure for veterans and their families through paddlesports.  

Fitness & Wellness

We take wellness and training referrals and tailor fitness coaching to individual needs to help kick-start a healthy and fit lifestyle.  These 1-on-1 training sessions seek to develop and achieve goals of the individual whether it’s cardio, balance, strength training, weight loss, stress-reduction, or improved neuromuscular control. Many pieces of equipment in the fitness center can be modified and used for adaptive fitness training.  We have a hand-cycle, cable machines, and many other pieces that can be adapted for specific needs. 


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