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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


The Foy Fitness and Recreation Center Pool is open to currently enrolled students, staff, members, and the general public. Please see the guest and family pass options above.


Please note:  Students who are not enrolled in summer classes do not have access during the summer and must pay guest fees.  Group and private swim lesson participants are welcome to swim outside their swim lessons, during our open swim hours, with the purchase of a day or season pass. 

Please review all rules when entering the pool area, but most importantly, listen to the lifeguards at all times. Some of the most important rules to know ahead of time are:

  1. Proper swim attire is required.  No street clothes, cut offs, denim shorts, socks, or thong bathing suits are permitted.
  2.  Please shower before entering the pool water.
  3. Food and drink is allowed on the pool deck, but NO GLASS is permitted in the pool area at all.
  4. No running, shoving, horseplay, chicken fights, or inappropriate behavior.
  6. An adult must accompany children under 16 and supervise them in the pool area.  Parents may supervise children from the deck as long as they have passed a swim test or remain in the shallow area.  Children requiring floatation devices must be within arms reach of an adult in the pool unless they are wearing a coast guard approved floatation device.
  7. Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers.
  8. The pool will be cleared in cases of bad weather and only opened again at lifeguard discretion. 

All swimmers under age 12 must pass a swim test before they can enter water deeper than 4'6" (designated by the blue buoy line) or without adult supervision.

The swim test consists of a 25-yard swim, during which the youth are asked to achieve the following:

  1. Jump into the pool, submerge fully, return to the surface and immediately begin swimming without pushing off the wall.
  2. Swim in a horizontal position on top of the water using a forward crawl or breaststroke.  The swimmer must maintain one or both strokes for the full 25-yard swim.
  3. Swimmer must not pause and cannot use the wall of lane line for assistance.

Swimmers who do not pass the swim test must remain in the shallow end of the pool.  Very young or inexperienced swimmers must remain within arms reach of an adult in the water if they are not wearing a Coast Guard approved personal floatation device.

*Coast Guard approved personal life vests are available for patron use.  Please ask facility staff for assistance in fitting children.