Belay Training
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Belay Clinics

Those qualified to belay must have a Belay Card visible on their harness.

How to become Belay Certified: 

Option 1- Test Out!

If you already know how to belay using the PBUS (Pull, Brake, Under, Slide) technique, you can get your Belay Card by testing out with one of our Climbing Wall Staff during open climbing hours.   

Option 2- Take a Class!

If learning to belay is new to you, or you are just rusty, then you can sign up for one of our belay clinics offered twice a week.  In this course, you will learn all the necessary skills to top rope climb at the Foy Fitness & Recreation Center's climbing wall.  You can then test for your Belay Card one calendar day after the completion of the belay clinic.

Class dates/times- TBD

For more information about clinics please see our staff at the Climbing Wall desk or contact Clayton Sheehan 

Test Out

You will need to bring a climbing partner for your test out (they don't need to be belay qualified).  If you pass, you will receive a Belay Card on the spot and can begin roped climbing immediately.  You need this card whenever you want to top rope climb.  If you've been away for more than six months or a staff member notices you using a technique other than PBUS, you may be asked to re-test.  In order to pass you must successfully demonstrate all of the following skills:

In the event, you do not pass you have one more attempt.  A re-test can be performed, at the earliest, one calendar day from the first attempt.  In the event that you do not pass a second time, you will be required to take a belay clinic and then attempt the test out again.