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Scholarship Staff Resources

Using the Scholarship System

There are two different roles used by the faculty and staff who will be reviewing applicants. Reviewers may view applications one at a time. Reviewer Chairs may pull reports of applicants as well as review them in more detail. We encourage reviewer chairs to review both sets of instructions.

Scholarship Award Decision

Once a scholarship award decision has been made, authorized staff should provide the following information to Sherri Devers, Scholarship Coordinator, in the Office of Student Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs.

Information required on the Scholarship Award Submission Form:

For consistency and to have awards displayed in a cumulative format for our office and yours, please access the Excel document by clicking the linkbelow. The completed document should be forwarded to Sherri Devers at deverss@apsu.edu for posting.

2017 - 2018 Scholarship Award Submission Form

Guide for Supervisors of Scholarship Student Assistants

Staff involve with supervising scholarship student assistants can learn more information about this responsibility at the link below:

Supervisor Guide