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What is a nontraditional student?

An adult or nontraditional student is not defined only by age (usually over 24), they are also students with life circumstances different from the typical traditional student. These circumstances include, but are not limited to students who are:

What makes adult and nontraditional students unique from other students and similar to each other is the multiple roles they assume in order to attend college. 

Where can I find scholarship opportunities?

Most any scholarship that is open to a traditional student is also available to a nontraditional student. Nontraditional students are encouraged to apply for any and all scholarships.

*The types of scholarships that are not available are those that are typically bestowed on new students based on their high school performance.  See our helpful links page for scholarship information.

Can Nontraditional Students participate in campus activities?

Yes, all students pay the same activity fee and are encouraged to participate in campus events and organizations. Likewise events sponsored by the Adult and Nontraditional Student Center are also open to traditional students. 

APSU Event Calendar

I am jumping in feet first and full time. Where can I find regular weekly daytime child care?

The Austin Peay State University Child Learning Center serves children of APSU students, staff and faculty as well as children in the community. The Child Learning Center is located in the Sexton building on Eighth Street and serves children from 2 1/2 to 5yrs of age.   Parents are encouraged to visit the center prior to making a decision to enroll their child.