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Congratulations and welcome to Austin Peay! Now that you’re enrolled there’s a few more things to do before classes begin.

Come visit us! One of the best ways to get started at APSU is to schedule a campus tour and see where everything is! This is also a great chance to meet with faculty in your major, explore the different parts of campus and visit the ANTS Center in the University Center (Room 112)!

The ANTS Center is an awesome resource for adult learners! We have our own small computer lab, a kitchenette with lounge space, free coffee all day and our own coordinator who does a fantastic job dealing with issues and planning events! It’s also a great place to meet other adult learners and get advice on student life at APSU from students already here.

Access your OneStop Portal by using your APSU username in your acceptance letter (usually first initial, last name and a number – ie jharkness42 or hsaxon5). Your password is ApA followed by your 8 digit A#, so it should look like ApA00123456.  Click here to login. If you have any issues, there is an IT Helpdesk in the lobby of the University Center or you can call (931) 221-4357.

OneStop is something you will use a LOT at APSU. It’s where your student records are kept, where you can access email and D2L (for online components of courses) and where you register for classes every semester. You can change your password from the login screen. Once you are enrolled you should check your email frequently – if there are any issues with your registration or financial aid then they’ll email you rather than call.

Apply for Scholarships using our online scholarship application to be considered for non-academic scholarships.  Academic scholarship decisions are made based upon information provided on the admission application.

The deadline for APSU Scholarships is March 1 for awards in Fall, but scholarships from sources outside the university may have different dates so check carefully. Some scholarships are merit based, others depend on your major or even your life circumstances. Make sure you investigate them! There are a few scholarships specifically for non traditional and adult learner students that you can apply for since you won’t be eligible for many of the traditional scholarships.

Apply for Financial Aid as soon as possible after October 1 if you would like to be considered for other types of financial aid at Austin Peay.  Click here for a detailed checklist.

FAFSA – the Free Application for Federal Student Aid – now opens in October instead of January. Applying early is recommended because some financial aid such as work study are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The sooner you can get your FASFA filed, the more likely you are to be eligible for more than just Pell Grant and student loans!

Apply for Housing (if applicable). You can find more about the different options for housing from that link to see which fits you best. Click here for the direct housing application.

While not every adult learner wants to live on campus, there is specific housing available for Non Traditional students at Emerald Hills. There are more details here ( http://www.apsu.edu/housing/family-and-non-traditional-housing ). Plus, if you live in Emerald Hills you don’t have to have a meal plan! Emerald Hills also has more parking spots than other halls and is served by the Peay Pickup trolley to get you into campus easier.

Submit your Medical Forms as soon as possible to prevent any delays in registering or moving into the residence halls.  All new and returning students must show proof of measles, mumps and rubella, (MMR), varicella (chickenpox), hepatitis B, and meningitis (if living on campus).

This one is sometimes tricky for adult learners. Check in with student health early, they’re in the Ard building on the corner of University Ave and College St (opposite the college itself), you can call them on (931) 221-7107. If necessary, they can test for previous vaccinations or administer new vaccinations. Depending on your age, you may also be exempted from some vaccinations.

Submit Evidence of Lawful Presence to ensure you receive state benefits such as scholarships and grants.  Simply scan a copy of your state ID or birth certificate and submit to our office.  For your convenience this can be uploaded to your online application portal. For a complete list of acceptable documents, please click here.

If you need help scanning documents, there is a copier and scanner available in the library, or you can take documents directly to the Admissions Office in the Ellington Building and they can copy and file them for you. Another reason to be on campus before term starts!

Registration information: -  Students who have been admitted to the Clarksville campus will be invited to attend a GOVS R.O.W. (Registration Orientation Welcome) session on campus.  Click here for more information.

R.O.W. is one of the most important parts of enrollment! This is where you register for your classes, have a small tour of campus, meet some of the non-academic groups and centers and get your Gov’s ID card! Take time before ROW to visit your major’s department on the APSU website and check out their sample degree plans. Since as an incoming student you’ll likely be among the last to register, some classes may have already filled but there are plenty of common core classes you’ll need to pick up. If you already have an idea what classes you want to take, your registration at ROW will go much faster!

We always recommend that new students attend ROW in person rather than the online option – it’s a much more useful experience and ensures that their first registration goes smoothly.

“I learned more than I thought I would at my transfer ROW, it was definitely worth taking time out of everything else to spend on campus. Even though one of the classes I wanted to be in was full I was able to talk with the professor and he opened extra space!”