GovsLEAD Leadership Series
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GovsLEAD logoLeadership Workshop Series

If you are looking to get your personal leadership experience started with a solid foundation, or looking to build upon your already existing skills - GovsLEAD is the program for you! 

Through participation in our leadership workshop series, students will:

All workshops are announced on the PeayLink GovsLEAD page and are open to all registered APSU students. Join the group on PeayLink to receive reminders of our workshops, be the first to know about special events, and take a look at pictures from past semesters. 

Some of our topics from past workshops include: Communication Etiquette, Developing Credibility, Filling the Empathy Toolbox, Kindness Doesn't Have to be Random, Networking for Leaders,
Social Justice and Activism, Teambuilding, Conflict Resolution and Financial Literacy

students participating in Goat Yoga Spring 2018Special stress relief workshops are held before Finals each semester. Spring 2018 included Goat Yoga!