Academic Support Center
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Academic Support Center

Get tutoring and other help with your classes

The Academic Support Center offers the following free services to APSU students:

Peer tutoring

Peer tutoring provides support for most core courses.

Students may attend sessions on either a scheduled or walk-in basis, subject to available spaces. To guarantee space in a session each week, students should schedule tutoring sessions.

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides assistance with any paper for any class in any writing style.

Students may receive assistance in person through either scheduled or walk-in sessions, subject to available spaces, or they may submit their papers for review online.

To guarantee a space in a session each week, students should schedule sessions.

Other services include workshops, instructor resources, student resources and Structured Learning Assistance (SLA).

Employment opportunities

Interested in working with us? The following opportunities are available:

Academic Alert

Academic Alert is a Web-based early alert system used to notify students of problems they may be having in class. Alerts are submitted by faculty members who are concerned a student is in academic jeopardy due to issues such as poor class attendance, tardiness, lack of participation, incomplete assignments and/or poor performance on quizzes and tests. Alerted students are notified through AP Mail and are asked to contact the Office of Academic Alert to discuss the alert; students who do not contact that office can expect to receive a letter, a phone call or additional emails from the Academic Alert staff and letters may be delivered by the Housing Office staff to those living on campus.

Copies of the alert are also received by academic advisors and APSU 1000 instructors. They too will talk with their alerted advisees and students about the difficulties the students may be having in classes. Typical recommendations for enhancing the opportunity for academic success include tutoring, improvement of study, test taking and time management skills and/or personal counseling.