College of Graduate Studies
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College of Graduate Studies

APSU offers several areas for advanced learning, degrees

Austin Peay State University offers numerous graduate degrees that afford greater career opportunities and global reach. Across the country, graduate degrees are increasingly becoming common place expectations for highly-sought-after careers. APSU’s graduate programs will empower students with knowledge and skills for an aggressive and entrepreneurial-mindset for everchanging

Financial opportunities are available to absorb the cost of investing in your education through the College of Graduate Studies. These opportunities include the Diversity Fellowship Grant and Graduate Assistantship. (The Diversity Fellowship Grant pays up to $6,000 a semester for full-time enrollment to qualified Tennessee residents.)

Graduate Assistantship (GA) positions provide students experience through campus employment, a tuition scholarship, and a stipend. The GA position is an invaluable experience not only to further ones’ knowledge and educational experience but also build upon leadership skills needed in a professional environment. In addition to these practical skills, successful GAs gain the respect of supervisors that could eventually become colleagues or professional references.

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Get AMP’ed

For highly motivated students, APSU offers Accelerated Master’s Pathways (AMP) enabling students to enroll in graduate courses while completing undergraduate degree requirements. Qualified* students may enroll in no more than 12 graduate level credits while completing an undergraduate degree. The graduate credits will replace relevant undergraduate course requirements within a major for graduation and any graduate credits earned will count toward the graduation requirements for a graduate degree. Typically, the student’s undergraduate major and the graduate courses are within the same department/discipline. Student qualifications to pursue an accelerated master’s pathway are determined by each academic department. In general, participating students should be considered exceptional academic performers (≥3.5 GPA) with a consistent history of academic excellence.
*Qualifications vary by department. Students are encouraged to speak with an advisor to learn more about this opportunity. For more information, please visit:


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