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Develop authentic leadership skills

Govs Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) connects students to leadership opportunities, educates on theory, builds skills and offers opportunities for leaders to showcase their strengths and experiences. We believe that growing as a leader is a major aspect of the college experience.

Whether you were in a leadership position before Austin Peay or not, we believe that each student has the potential to be a great leader! We work with students, departments and organizations all over campus on leadership skill building, communication skills, team work and personal development. We offer numerous opportunities to get you involved!

Leadership Series

We have something for everyone! If you are looking to get your leadership experience started with a solid foundation, or looking to round it out with some development and reflection, we have a workshop for you. Check out our full calendar on our website.

Fall Leadership Experience

Join us this fall for our immersive one-day leadership experience. You will learn about yourself as a leader, be introduced to impactful leadership practices and gain an understanding of the huge opportunity you have to make a difference at Austin Peay. You will leave with a deep drive to do great things on and off campus! Space will be limited. Look for the application to participate during the first week of classes on PeayLink and our website.

Leadership Certificate

Make your participation count. Our Leadership Certificate program recognizes students demonstrating a dedication to developing leadership skills through participation in a variety of seminars, workshops, opportunities to serve, and roles on campus. Four active participation levels can be achieved.  Students with challenging schedules or those completing their education entirely online have the option of a self-directed certificate. 

Ziegler Leadership Forum

Each spring, we host a campus-wide leadership forum planned by a committee of students. Each forum includes an impactful professional speaker and multiple breakout opportunities. Students also have the chance to present on their experiences and ideas. Registration to attend begins in January and is announced on PeayLink and our website. 

Check out how to get involved on PeayLink