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Welcome to Campus Sustainability 

Since 2008, when students committed to a $10 fee per semester, APSU has become a greener and greener campus. STUDENTS are making it happen!

Faculty demonstrate their commitment to sustainability with courses and curricula, while incorporating green practices into their classroom practices.

Staff Senate formed a Sustainability Subcommittee in 2017 to promote sustainability within administrative units across campus.

Campus community members are committed to reducing, reusing, recycling, and conserving resources like energy and water when they are on campus and when they are at home!

Austin Peay State University is a GREEN campus!



Austin Peay State University is proud to announce its partnership with the City of Clarksville to bring fitness and fun to campus. The bike rack and kiosk are located outside Foy Fitness and Recreation Center, at the sidewalk in front of the tennis courts. Learn more about APSU BCycle program.


Office of Campus Sustainability

The Office of Campus Sustainability is a non-academic program that promotes campus-wide stewardship of our resources. Central to this mission is working with students to become change-makers, driving sustainability courses, projects, events and campus behavior change. Stewardship of our resources supports human and environmental wellness.

The Office of Campus Sustainability is located within the Shasteen Building on Austin Peay State University’s campus. Contact Laura Prange, Sustainability Coordinator, with questions, concerns, and suggestions. If you are a student who would like to become involved in making ours a greener campus, get in touch!    

APSU Definition of Sustainability 

Sustainability is the capacity to balance the present needs of people, the economy and the environment, while protecting the needs of future generations.



Sustainability Through Design

The APSU Campus Sustainability graphic was designed by McKenzie Baker, Graphic Design, class of 2018. 

It represents the many aspects of sustainability on the APSU campus, including:

The Browning clock tower, symbol of our community’s dedication to social and environmental awareness.

The sun represents energy and the source of life. 

The sprouting plant represents the ecosystem that is the where we live on Earth.

The water drops represent the source of life.

The Campus Sustainability graphic is shared by all the people and projects in our community who are dedicated to fulfilling the mission of sustainability, stated below. 


APSU Sustainability Mission Statement

At APSU sustainability means excellence in stewardship of resources. The prosperous relationship between people, the economy, and the environment will be continuously cultivated through sustainability initiatives that will ensure lasting resources for future generations.


GO Campaign

The GO Campaign recognizes offices on campus who have proven outstanding initiative in reducing office waste and participating in other green habits to reduce APSU's footprint on the enviroment. The process and requirements for gettting involved can be found here



Sustainable Campus Fee Committee

This committee is an official Standing Committee of the university administration formed in 2008 when the student fee was instated. Its membership is comprised of students, faculty and staff. The purpose of the committee is to administer the student fee funds to advance sustainability initiatives on campus. To learn more, go to the drop down menu on the upper left of this page, under Sustainable Campus Fee.

 Sustainability Planning Task Force

Referencing the APSU Strategic Plan Goal #3, Sustainability, and using the guidelines established by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, a benchmarking report was accomplished in the summer of 2017.

During the fall of 2017 the task force will engage students, faculty and staff in planning for future generations in all aspects of sustainability. The plan will be used as a set of guidelines for diverse units to plan and will also be used by the Sustainable Campus Fee Committee to strategically administer the student fee funds.

 Staff Senate Sustainability Committee

This committee was formed in the spring of 2017 by the Staff Senate with the mandate to determine its long-term goals. By Spring 2018 the committee will have begun to implement ways of furthering sustainability at APSU.


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