Community Engagement Research Fellowship
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Community Engagement Research Fellowship

 Each year, a student is selected to spend the summer researching
through the Community Engagement Research Fellowship (CERF).
Through this research opportunity, students explore and respond to
issues faced by their communities.



Dave Woods

Learn about Dave's Tree Inventory GIS project here

Blake Poster Learn about Blake's Computer Literacy Project here


Learn about Keedy's Health Education Project here


Deadline: March 15, 2018 by 4:00 PM

Guidelines for the Project Description Community Engagement Research Fellowship
1. Include your name and project title in a prominent position in your Project Description.
2. Your Project Description should be between 500 and 1000 words in a normal 12 pt. font such as Times New Roman.
3. Your Project Description should include the following:
 A description of the research and/or creative project, written for an interdisciplinary audience, including the question you are seeking to answer and why that question is beneficial to our community.
 A description of the background information relevant to your project, including reference to primary literature sources, if applicable, (you are not required to include bibliographic information) and evidence as to the community issue you are looking to shed light on with your research.
 A description of the research procedure(s) and/or creative process that you will employ in your project, as well as the expected outcome(s)

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