Clothesline Project
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T-shirt on a clothesline reading - In Memoriam Matthew ShepardThree times a year, women's studies students organize the international Clothesline Project on APSU's campus. Students coordinate workshops to make Tshirts that tell women's and girls' stories of physical, verbal, and sexual abuse and/or violation for the Clothesline Project. The Tshirts are then displayed on campus several times during October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, in February for V-Day and during April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Baby outfit on clothesline reading - They say the good thing is ... I will not remember my mom. I ask... is this a good thing?This project brings awareness to the campus and general community of violence against women in homes and intimate relationships, and to assist women in healing from abuse. In the Fall of 1997, students in a Women's Studies course initiated these events on campus, and they have been sustained by Women's Studies students and the APSU Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance for twelve years. Raising awareness about the impact of violence on women's lives, this event promotes healing for survivors and family members or friends of survivors.

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Materials are available at the display to make T-shirts.

Two t-shirts with drawings on them. Not legible