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Current Women and Gender Studies Course Offerings  for Summer and Fall 2018

Women’s and Gender Studies Minor (18 hours)

Current Summer and Fall 2018 Courses

Women’s and Gender Studies students learn to connect gender equality with other social justice movements. The interdisciplinary minor prepares students for several professions, graduate studies, or social justice work.

Minors should also consult AAST course offerings.




HHP 4080: Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality (3 credits) CRN 1156

The focus is on the human or personal aspect of sexuality. Emphasis is placed on attitudes, emotions, and behavior patterns as related to the development of healthy sexual lifestyles rather than on the anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system. Students are encouraged to integrate their own life experiences with the academic materials.

Lisa Lewis, Health & Human Performance                                                                                           TBA        WEB


SOC 3080: Gender and Sexualities (3 credits) CRN 1588

Gender and sexuality in American society and cross-culturally, with consideration to the role of gender in structuring identity, male/female interaction, and constraints on expanding opportunities.                                         TBA     WEB

Instructor TBA


FALL 2018

DIVR 4020: Capstone Seminar in Social Justice (3 credits) CRN 2622

Students will examine upper-division readings in feminists and critical race theory culminating in a research project and presentation. (Required for WGS and AAST minors)

Jill Eichhorn, Women’s & Gender Studies                                                                        11:10-12:35                   TR


AAST 3500: Race, Gender, and Sexuality (3 credits) Hybrid CRN 3455

Study of race, gender, and sexuality in the black community and how well it has embraced LGBTQ issues. This course will also focus on black masculinity and femininity.

Dwonna Goldstone, African American Studies                                                                     2:30-4:20                    W


WGS 2050: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (3 credits)

An introduction to fundamental principles of women’s studies; the cultural construction of gender; the cultural roles, depictions and experiences of women, past and present; and the impact of feminist movements nationally and internationally. Service Learning Project included.

Jill Eichhorn, Women’s & Gender Studies        CRN      2623                                              2:30-3:55                     MW

Beatrix Brockman, Women’s & Gender Studies CRN   2819                                                           TBA      WEB


WGS 2060: Intro to LGBTQ Studies (3 credits) CRN 2847

This course explores constructions of gender, sexuality and sexual orientation and critically assesses traditions and their effects on social policy, popular culture, law and government, science and politics. Readings and research include history, social studies, activist publications, memoir and film. Service Learning Project included.

Barbara L. Gray, Women’s & Gender Studies                                                                      10:10-11:05              MWF


ENGL 340N: LGBTQ Literature Across Cultures (3 Credits) CRN 3097

Cross cultural studies in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer literature. Topics, approaches, and readings will vary with individual instructors.

Stephanie Dugger, Women’s & Gender Studies                                                                 9:05-10:00                MWF


LING 4070: Language, Culture, and Identity (3 Credits) CRN 2597                  

Students will analyze language based on its social functions-how it lets us organize our society and ourselves.  Students will focus on the construction of cultural identities and the way people use language to position themselves as members of various groups by enacting their ‘own’ identity and that of ‘others.’

Neeta Bhasin, Languages & Literature                                                                               12:20-1:15               MWF    

HHP 3450: Health of Special Populations (3 Credits) CRN 2054

This course examines the interaction of social, environmental and biological determinants of health.  Students will be introduced to the major concepts, problems and programming associated with U. S. health disparities related to gender, race and ethnicity, place, age and socioeconomic position.

Melissa Gomez, Health & Human Performance                                                                         8:00-9:25               TR

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               HHP 4080: Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality (3 credits) CRN 2059
See course description above

Lisa Lewis, Health & Human Performance                                                                              12:20-1:15           MWF


PSY 3210: Psychology of Women (3 Credits) CRN 2456

Examination of developmental characteristics of women, myths and stereotypes, sex roles, sexuality, life styles, values, achievement motivation, power, mental health, and mental disorders in women. The empirical study of the psychological issues of women will be emphasized.                                                                    

Nicolette Tomaszewski, Psychology                                                                                         4:30-7:30                  R