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Academic Affairs Strategic Planning

As the University embarks on an institutional strategic planning process, the Division of Academic Affairs is conducting a parallel process focused primarily on an Academic Affairs Mission, Vision, and Core Values Statement, as well as the University Strategic Plan pillars directly related to academics. 


Academic Affairs Strategic Planning Steering Committee

The Office of the Provost sought nominations for the Academic Affairs Strategic Planning (AASP) Steering Committee with the following characteristics and responsibilities in mind:

A fantastic pool of nominees emerged, and the committee was formed with wide representation of the division and a diversity of perspective, longevity, and role.

Role Representative
Faculty Senate President Jane Semler, Professor of Allied Health Sciences
CoAL Leadership Tony Morris, Chair of Art + Design
CoBHS Leadership Jessica Fripp, Associate Dean and Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences and Counseling
CoB Leadership Mickey Hepner, Dean of the College of Business*
CoE Leadership James Thompson, Associate Dean and Assistant Professor of Educational Specialties
CoSTEM Leadership Samuel Jator, Chair of Mathematics and Statistics
CoAL Faculty Beatrix Brockman, Professor of Languages and Literature
CoBHS Faculty David Denton, Professor of Leadership & Organizational Administration
CoB Faculty Jennifer Thayer, Assistant Professor of Accounting
CoE Faculty Joanna Zimmerle, Assistant Professor of Educational Specialties
CoSTEM Faculty Rod Mills, Associate Professor of Agriculture
Library Faculty Nancy Gibson, Associate Professor and Social Sciences Librarian
Provost's Council Lynne Crosby, Senior Vice Provost & AVP for Academic Affairs*
Quality Enhancement Plan Troy Priest, QEP Director
Fort Campbell Center Benjamin Drummond, Director of the Fort Campbell Center
Student Success Kacie Hutson, Director of Coaching & Student Success Initiatives
Distance Education Loretia Duncan, Coordinator of Distance Education Programs
Enrollment Management Tracy Comer, Associate Director of Admissions
Financial Aid Andrew Robinson, Associate Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships
Ex-Officio Maria Cronley, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs*

Kyle Christmas, Academic Affairs Project Specialist*

*To help guide the committee's work, an internal team consisting of Provost Maria Cronley, Senior Vice Provost Lynne Crosby, Dean of the College of Business Mickey Hepner, and Academic Affairs Project Specialist Kyle Christmas has been formed as an executive leadership team.

The AASP Steering Committee is charged primarily with developing and recommending, on behalf of and in consultation with members of the division of Academic Affairs and the university community,