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Campus Resources and Quick Contact List

The Faculty Handbook (https://www.apsu.edu/academic-affairs/faculty/faculty_handbook/) contains a current list of APSU administrators, including deans, directors, department chairs and all administrators reporting directly to the Provost, to the Vice President for External Affairs, to the Vice President for Students Affairs, and to the Vice President for Finance & Administration.

In most cases for routine matters, the most efficient way to consult with these administrators is to contact the appropriate administrative assistant.  Often the administrative assistant will be able to address the matter at hand and, if not they can facilitate your communication with the administrator.

In addition to the “direct reports” mentioned above, you may find it useful to communicate directly with the following people in Student Affairs, the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Financial Aid, and University Advancement:

(Names, phone numbers and emails can be found here: https://www.apsu.edu/registrar/personnel.php )

  • Graduation Analyst
  • Transcript Analyst
  • Degree Works Coordinator
  • Scheduling Specialist
  • Course Catalog Specialist
  • GoArmyEd Specialist
  • Transfer Coordinator
  • Certification Analyst

Names, phone numbers and emails can be found in the Student Financial Aid, Scholarships and Veterans Education Benefits Guide for Faculty and Staff:  https://www.apsu.edu/financialaid/faculty-staff-resources/index.php

In particular there are Financial Aid Counselors, Scholarship Coordinators, and Veterans Education Benefits Counselors, Supervisors, and Coordinator, who can help you with specific and general questions regarding student financial aid.

Director of Student Conduct and Case Management

Director of Boyd Health Services and Counseling Services

Director of Donor Relations and Scholarships (https://apsu.edu/advancement/uastaff.php)

It is clear that department chairs need data and information in order to properly plan and make effective decisions for the department as well as the academic programs contained within it.

Decision Support and Institutional Research (DSIR) enhances institutional effectiveness by providing information which informs the decision-making and planning processes for furthering the university core mission.

DSIR is the primary source for official campus data, complying with federal, state, and university reporting standards and requirements. Specifically, DSIR:

  • Supports university leaders in development and reporting of the strategic plan and Quality Assurance funding.
  • Provides and maintain a centralized location of institutional data to ensure accuracy and consistency of data.
  • Collects, analyzes, and reports data on topics including but not limited to assessment, enrollment, retention, graduation, faculty FTE, and student credit hours.
  • Administers and submits IPEDS, University Fact Book, Common Data Set, US News, and other college guides.
  • Makes available institutional and programmatic data for accreditation reports and program reviews.

DSIR’s website (http://apsu.edu/dsir) contains information, reports, and dashboards that are particularly useful to department chairs. Furthermore, if data or information is needed that is not contained within DSIR’s website, the chair is welcomed to contact the DSIR office for all data needs.

Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (IEA) provides support to program-level assessment (IE) and student learning outcomes, department effectiveness (administrative outcomes), major field testing, general education assessment, course evaluations, program reviews, surveys, and more. Contact the office if you are interested in a consultation regarding any of these processes. More information can be found on the IEA website: https://www.apsu.edu/institutional-effectiveness/