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Departmental Strategic Planning

Where do you want your department to be in 5 years?  10 years?  Have you asked your faculty this question?   It is very easy to spend all your time on the day-to-day activities (and emergencies!) of running a department, but your overall strategic plan, not the day-to-day details, will define your legacy.  Make time to discuss short and long-term goals with your department.  The university has a strategic plan (https://www.apsu.edu/external-affairs/strategic_initiatives/StrategicPlan.php), and your departmental goals should be consistent with it, but the university plan is necessarily broad.  Departments working strategically to develop programs and design instruction to give students a competitive edge will determine what the university strategic plan actually looks like in fruition.  Administrative unit outcomes (AUs) are entered into Nuventive on a yearly basis. They may be linked to resource requests.

As you think about your strategic plan, you may find that you need data.  Access to various repositories of data has recently been centralized in the Office of Decision Support and Institutional Research.   Some key institution-wide data can be found on the Decision Support and Institutional Research web page:  https://www.apsu.edu/dsir/index.php/senior-exam.  (Look under “Institutional Data” and “Reports.”)  It is also possible to request more specialized data by filling in the Program/Report Request form on this site.

You may find that you need the same database query run each year or each semester.  Argos (https://www.apsu.edu/registrar/resources/index.php) is used at APSU as a database query and report interface for Banner.   There may be reports, specific to your department that are already set up in Argos.  You can run these reports periodically to obtain department specific, current data.   Modifications to existing Argos reports and new reports can be requested by filling in the Program/Report Request form mentioned above.