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PreProfessional Health Minor

College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

As an additional option to the preprofessional curricula offered in dentistry, pharmacy, medicine, and veterinary medicine, APSU offers preprofessional programs of study in optometry, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Other preprofessional programs are provided by special faculty advisement. Professional programs in the Allied Health specialties of Medical Technology and Radiological Technology are offered by the Department of Allied Health Sciences.

Qualified graduates in these areas are in demand to fill positions in the health-care field, such as public health units, hospitals, research and industrial laboratories, medical clinics, military service units, and university laboratories.

Students who are planning to go on to health graduate programs (medicine, dental, vet, OT, PT) should consider declaring a pre-professional health minor.  This serves as a way for the student and advisor to insure that all the courses needed to be competitive for the various professional schools are taken in a systematic way.  Declaring a pre-professional minor is also helpful when communicating with Veterans Affairs and Financial Aid with regards to your future plans. Also, note if you would like to remain in the Bulletin under which you entered APSU, you can contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@apsu.edu.

Required Courses: 18 Hours Minimum

Students must complete at least 18 hours from two or more disciplines below for their minor.  Each student in consultation with their advisor would design their specific Pre-Professional Health Minor with regards to their post baccalaureate plans for graduate school and decide how many and which disciplines they need as preparation for their plans.