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Amy Tondreau

Amy Tondreau

Assistant Professor

College of Education

“I'm continually impressed by the way the Austin Peay community supports one another. There is a sense of community in the way we all root for one another, work together, and share our diverse talents.” Dr. Tondreau on what she enjoys about being a part of the Austin Peay community.

Ed.D. in Curriculum & Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University

M.Ed. in Reading at Rhode Island College

B.A. in Elementary Education and Communications at Boston College

As upper elementary classroom teacher in Massachusetts for seven years, Dr. Tondreau also worked as an adjunct instructor and co-director of the Summer Literacy Clinic at Rhode Island College. After moving to New York City, Dr. Tondreau supervised student teachers, coordinated fieldwork placement, and courses for undergraduates in elementary education, MAT students, and Literacy Specialist students at The City College of New York and Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Tondreau also worked with students, teachers, and administrators across the city as a staff developer and writer for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.

  • Critical literacy
  • K-8 literacy pedagogy
  • Writing curriculum and pedagogy
  • The reading and writing identity construction of teachers and students
  • Narrative inquiry
  • Teacher agency
  • Professional learning communities
  • Job-embedded professional development to improve literacy teaching and learning in diverse populations
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