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The GeoClub is open to anyone who has an interest in the geosciences (geology, geography). All geoscience majors and minors are encouraged to get involved and participate.

The GeoClub organizes and hosts educational field trips, department social gatherings and serves the local community with geoscience expertise.

In addition, GeoClub members participate in the annual Geology Conclave (Geoconclave) at a Tennessee state park. Faculty and student members of geoscience departments at institutions in Tennessee and surrounding states gather at Geoconclave for field trips, academic competitions such as the quiz bowl, and events highlighting mastery of field techniques, structural geology, petrology, and mineralogy as well as physical competitions such as the rock and hammer toss events.

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GeoClub Officers


President Lily Poteete
Vice President Heather Nolan
Executive Officer            Tina Silverman
Secretary Marie Whittaker
Treasurer Gavin Middleton
Faculty Advisor Dr. Erik Haroldson



President Jennifer Stephens
Vice President Brittany Corley
Executive Officer          
Chad Bolding
Secretary John Butkevicius
Treasurer Kenneth Lilly
Faculty Advisor Dr. Erik Haroldson