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Krystin Young in front of banners

Kyrstin Young

“I really want people to just take a step back and realize the world we live in and understand that it’s only going to change if we change it.”
Major: Business Management, May 2021 graduate
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Kyrstin Young, a recent Austin Peay State University graduate and dance team member, recently put her creative skills to the test when she began working on a film for “N2020: Community Reflections,” which premiered at the Frist Art Museum in spring 2021.

Nashville muralist Woke3, who curated the project, collaborated with photographers, choreographers and other artists to create an exhibit that captured the events of the last year. The project includes events such as the tornado in North Nashville, the COVID-19 pandemic, instances of racial injustice, the presidential election and the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville.

The online exhibition concludes with a short video capturing everything that happened in 2020 through the dream of a single figure. Young was creative director and choreographer for the video, titled “The Great Debate,” in collaboration with executive producer Angel Adams.

Krystin Young masked interview
Young is working on her next book and plans to move to Atlanta, in August to pursue her dance career.  

“We covered everything that we could fit in 15 minutes, and we put it in that film to give people a glimpse of what kind of year we had last year,” Young said. “We wanted to do it in a creative way and put it in dance and acting form because we are actors.

“I really want people to just take a step back and realize the world we live in and understand that it’s only going to change if we change it,” Young added. “I hope when people watch this film, they can connect to it in some way.”

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‘Always be authentic … that’s what the world wants’

Young uses her Instagram to connect with her fans and spread her dance talent.

“I have a lot of babies that look up to me. I try to post motivational things and my best work. People want to see you,” Young said. “I tell them to never ever give up and don’t let social media guide you. Always be authentic because that’s what the world wants.”

Young has danced since she was 2 and grasped the art form when she was 5. When she turned 7, she knew she wanted to make a living by dancing.

“Dancing means everything to me,” she said. “I dance when I’m happy, when I’m bored, just whenever. It just feels really good.”

Young has danced for the APSU dance team during her four years at the school.

What’s next?

Some big moments are coming up soon in Young’s life.

She is working on her next book, preparing for her graduation in May with a business management degree and plans to move to Atlanta, Georgia, in August 2021 to pursue her dance career.

She also teaches dance classes in Nashville and is working on a short dance concert.

“I’m always doing something and something new pops up in my head every single day.”

Krystin Young in hallway