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COVID-19 and Austin Peay State University Dual Enrollment

We want to ensure that you are aware of all the supports available to you as an Austin Peay State University dual enrollment student. We want you to be successful and feel confident about the possibility of a sudden shift to online instruction. We understand that you are working harder than ever to complete dual enrollment coursework which suddenly has unbelievable challenges. We do not want you to feel like you are alone in this! We are here to help. We are including answers to frequently asked questions and a list of support services available to you. For the most up-to-date information, always reference APSU's main coronavirus communications page.

Should you have any questions about this information, please contact your dual enrollment instructor or the Office of Dual Enrollment at 931-221-7175. You may also e-mail us at govnow@apsu.edu. 

APSU Spring 2021 Academic Calendar

Jan 19 Classes begin
Feb 1 Last day to receive a 25% fee adjustment
Mar 3                                                 Last day to withdraw with an auto W
Apr 28 Last day of classes
Apr 30 - May 6 Final exams

Message from the Austin Peay State University COVID Command Team: At Austin Peay State University, your safety and success remain our No. 1 priority. We’ve worked hard these last few months to reconfigure classrooms, schedules, learning options and cleaning protocols, and we’ve taken additional measures to maximize campus safety during this global pandemic. In addition to everything we do, your health and safety also depends on you. With the fall semester quickly approaching, it’s important that you also take preventive measures to protect yourself. Before coming to Austin Peay, we encourage you to get non-mandatory immunizations. 

This year, we also are asking you to get tested for COVID-19 prior to coming to campus. Doing this and notifying us of your results or symptoms using our COVID-19 form will provide us with important information for tracking cases. It will also empower us to make more informed decisions as we enter the fall semester. Testing will be available at the lower level at the back of the Ard Building and is free to all students — just look for the tent at the back of the building. For details on dates and times testing is available, please visit the Boyd Health Services website.  

Please download Peay Mobile, our mobile app, which will soon allow you to conduct your own wellness check for COVID-19 symptoms. You can download the app to most smartphones through their app store.  

Remember when you return to campus this fall, you MUST wear a mask in indoor common spaces such as classrooms. And we recommend you practice physical distancing and frequently wash your hands (we have provided hand sanitizer stations throughout campus). 

For additional information on our COVID-19 guidelines and academic changes or resources, visit www.apsu.edu/coronavirus. For information on health and counseling, visit https://www.apsu.edu/health-and-counseling/.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Even though the student is receiving high school credit, the course is ultimately an APSU course. The student should continue to participate in the course, unless a student decides to withdraw from the course. Withdrawals should be made only after consulting with your high school dual enrollment teacher and the Office of Dual Enrollment at APSU. Please see the Academic Calendar above for specific course withdrawal information.

APSU will consult with the school district to establish alternative arrangements for high school students enrolled in a dual enrollment course to ensure options are viable and equitable for all high school students. Most often, participation will be advised through online coursework in an online learning platform of the teacher’s choice.

Yes, and they should. Even though the teacher is employed by the school district, the teacher is also on contract with APSU to teach the course. Therefore, the school district and APSU, in consultation with the teacher, should support the teacher to continue teaching the course in an online format.

It is specified in APSU Policy that a student enrolled in dual enrollment coursework must have access to the same academic and support services available to tuition-paying postsecondary students. This includes access to tutoring, library services, computer labs, and any other service made available to students by APSU. If a school district is closed, APSU will take steps to ensure students are made aware of available support and instructional delivery formats (on-campus, online, etc.).

 A student may drop a dual enrollment course according to the established withdrawal policies of both the school district and APSU (see our revised academic calendar above). The student should consult with their dual enrollment teacher, high school counselor, and/or principal to ensure the student is on track to complete all high school graduation requirements. The student should consult with the Office of Dual Enrollment to determine how withdrawing will affect their postsecondary academic record and Dual Enrollment Grant funding formula.

If a student with an IEP voluntarily continues to participate in a dual enrollment course, the student should contact the APSU Office of Disability Services to review documentation including the IEP to ensure that the necessary accommodations, supports and services can continue to be provided. If they cannot, the Office of Disability Services and high school IEP teams should collaborate to determine alternate accommodations, supports, and services that can be provided so that the student can continue to participate in the dual enrollment course.

Course withdrawals, incompletes, and failing grades can impact future TN Dual Enrollment Grant eligibility. A student should consult the APSU Office of Dual Enrollment regarding the impact of course withdrawals on future TN Dual Enrollment Grant eligibility. As a reminder, students must maintain a 2.75 college GPA to continue to receive TN Dual Enrollment Grant funding from semester-to-semester.

 Yes, it is possible for the course to be delivered at a high school if the high school year is resumed and enough contact time remains for the dual enrollment course to meet SACSCOC standards. In this case, the school should contact the Office of Dual Enrollment for further planning as soon as possible.

APSU Student Support Services

Please find the websites of commonly used student support services offices below. Each page lists contact information and guidance for accessing these services.

Dual Enrollment Dual enrollment support
Disability Services Accessibility support for students with disabilities
Distance Education

Web tools and D2L support

Learning Resource Center Peer tutoring and Tutor.com
Woodard Library Research, laptop and MiFi loans

More Resources

Austin Peay’s Ann Ross Bookstore, operated by Barnes and Noble, is offering free access to eTextbooks for classes that began in January. Visit bookshelf.vitalsource.com for free access. The bookstore will continue to offer free shipping for online orders.​

The S.O.S. Food Pantry supports Austin Peay State University's students through troubling times by helping fight hunger. The campus community supports and supplies the food pantry through donations. Students who find themselves in need can fill out the request form (https://www.apsu.edu/volunteer/sos-food-pantry/index.php) and arrange to pick items up at 322 Home Avenue (the Center for Service-Learning & Community Engagement) during hours of operation. Students will need their APSU student identification card to receive food.

The University Advancement Office has established the Govs Give Back Fund to provide urgent financial assistance for students, faculty and staff who suffer from economic, medical or similar hardships. Several University donors have already contributed to this new initiative. To apply for this fund, please visit https://www.apsu.edu/volunteer/sos-food-pantry/sosfunds.php.

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has implemented the Keep America Connected Pledge to help ensure Americans do not lose their broadband or telephone connectivity as a result of these exceptional COVID-19 circumstances. Currently, more than 550 companies and associations have complied. Below is a list of area providers that may be helpful to our students, faculty and staff.
Xfinity WiFi free to the public, pausing data plans, no disconnects or late fees: https://corporate.comcast.com/covid-19
60 Days of Free Access to Spectrum Broadband and WiFi for 60 Days. For more information or to enroll in a plan call 1-844-488-8395.
Offers open hot-spots, unlimited data to existing customers, and $10/month plans to low-income families: https://about.att.com/pages/COVID-19.html
Provides unlimited data to existing customers and additional 20GB for mobile hotspot data per month for 60 days: https://newsroom.sprint.com/covid-19-updates-sprint-responds.htm
Unlimited data to existing customers and additional 20GB mobile hotspot for 60 days (10 GB for two billing cycles): https://www.t-mobile.com/news/t-mobile-update-on-covid-19-response

Austin Peay State University’s Distance Education Office is now loaning a limited number of MiFi tablets for students in rural areas with limited or no internet access at no cost to APSU students. A MiFi is a wireless router that acts as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. If you are an APSU student living in a rural area and in need of internet access, you may check out a MiFi tablet at the Woodward Library lobby. The library lobby is open on Mondays and Thursdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. When visiting the lobby, please remember to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines of maintaining at least six feet between you and other individuals. If you live more than 60 miles from campus or are unable to come to the library, send an email to circlibn@apsu.edu or call 931-221-7582 to request that a device be mailed to you.

With all APSU classes now online for the remainder of the spring and summer, some students in rural areas are having difficulty accessing the internet. The University originally partnered with several sites in rural counties that offered free internet access, but those locations have closed as the new coronavirus has spread. The University’s MiFi tablets now provide a way for students to continue their studies at APSU.

Moving Forward
If you will be continuing as a dual enrollment student in the Summer or Fall, be sure to complete your Returning Student Form. Classes fill quickly! Complete the Returning Student Form
2020-2021 Grant Deadline Approaching
If you will be continuing as a dual enrollment student in the Summer or Fall, be sure to complete your Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant Application through the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) Portal.  Complete theTN Dual Enrollment Grant