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If you’re an active duty service member, national guard or reservist utilizing tuition assistance, you’ll use the ArmyIgnitED portal to request Tuition Assistance for courses that you have already registered for in AP OneStop. To gain access to ArmyIgnitED, check your email and/or speak with an Army Education Counselor.

POC at APSU for ArmyIgnitED Soldiers - email: ArmyIgnitED@apsu.edu or phone: Primary: (931) 221-7123 or Secondary: (931) 221-7150.

How do I register?

Soldiers receiving Tuition Assistance (TA) are required to register for classes through AP OneStop. The soldier must first meet with their army education counselor and complete the Statement of Understanding, obtain all appropriate signatures, and then complete the appropriate admissions application with Austin Peay State University. With the new ArmyIgnitED portal, academic advising is now mandatory for all soldiers. You can locate your academic advisor by checking your OneStop advising page, contacting the administrative assistant of the department of your major, or by contacting our office for assistance. Please visit or contact your local education center to speak with your army education counselor to ensure all steps in the ArmyIgnitED portal have been completed.

Official Degree Plan

APSU is notified of all soldiers who have registered for classes and who are in need of an official degree plan. APSU will automatically process the official degree plan and no notification is necessary by the soldier. Official degree plans cannot be processed until all transcripts have been received. Soldiers cannot be non-degree seeking (undeclared, special, transient, etc.) and obtain an official degree plan. APSU must also be listed as the home school.

Late Degree Plan Warning

Soldiers who have registered for classes will receive a warning stating they must complete their official degree plan. This does not prevent registration and there is no need to contact anyone at this point. APSU will be notified that you are required to have an official degree plan and it will automatically be completed.

Late Degree Plan Hold

In the event you have a late degree plan hold, please contact the Office of the Registrar at email: ArmyIgnitED@apsu.edu or phone: Primary: (931) 221-7123 or Secondary: (931) 221-7150.

Add or Drop Classes

With the new ArmyIgnitED portal, all classes must be registered and dropped through AP OneStop. In order to receive Tuition Assistance for the courses, soldiers must request TA in the ArmyIgnitED portal after they have registered in AP OneStop. If TA is not requested for the courses prior to the start date, soldiers will be responsible for finding alternative funding. Those wishing to drop for military reasons must drop the class first through AP OneStop and then indicate the reason the course was dropped through the ArmyIgnitED Portal. If you have received orders, you will be required to submit official documentation to support your request.

Cancelled Courses

You will be notified via your APSU student e-mail. Please be sure to check frequently for important enrollment, class and other APSU information. You will also be notified via your AKO account once the course is rejected due to the cancellation.

What is my APSU email  Address?

Your student email is your AP OneStop username followed by @my.apsu.edu. Please refer to your admissions letter to obtain more specific information related to your APSU student e-mail account.


Grades will be available in the ArmyIgnitED Portal two weeks after the end of the term. If you receive a grade of NR, please contact your instructor to get this resolved.

Received Bill from APSU

If you have any questions about a bill or charge you have received on your APSU student account, contact Student Account Services at 931-221-6285 or sas@apsu.edu


You may view what book(s) are needed on the APSU Bookstore Web site.