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The Texts for Vets Program was created to assist APSU students overcome the financial burden of purchasing textbooks. The program is completely FREE and open to all students. The textbooks we provide our students are donated from the APSU community, which are distributed to the students through the Woodward Library located on main campus across from the Morgan University Center. Due to the limited amount of textbooks, we distribute them out based on a first-come first-served basis. The first week of distribution is designated for veterans, active duty, reservist, national guardsmen, retirees, ROTC students, and family members. Once the semester starts, distribution is open to all APSU students. During the last week of the term the students return the textbook(s) to the Library to be signed out by another student the following semester. 


If you have any textbooks that you no longer use please think of helping out your fellow students by donating those textbooks to the MSC. Remember this program is FREE to all students and funded completely by donations. If you would like to make a monetary donation, you may do so here: Text for Vets Monetary Donations. Once on the page select View All Giving Opportunities, then select Text for Vets. Your support is greatly appreciated, and your donations help foster academic excellence. 



1.  I have read and understand the requirements for the Texts for Vets program before completing an application.

2. I have reviewed book availability under the Texts for Vets List of Books tab (<click here) before completing an application form.

3. I am aware that textbook(s) must be picked up and returned in person with APSU Student ID at the Library by Deadlines.

4. I will be responsible for returning the textbook(s) in the same condition that it was in when I checked it out and I will sign textbook(s) back in with an authorized Library employee.

5.  I will be responsible for payment of charges as a result of damages and/or loss of textbook(s).

6.  I am aware that one application is required per textbook request and I will be contacted when the application has been processed at which point I will have 2 business days to pick up textbook(s).

7.  I understand that if the information provided on the application is not accurate, the application will be voided.

8. I am aware that if I return the textbook(s) after the due date that I will be banned from utilizing these services for 90 days after the return date. If a pattern of disregard for these rules is displayed, you may be permanently banned from utilizing these services. 

9. I am aware that failure to comply with these requirements will result in a hold on my student account and/or I will be found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Holds placed due to unreturned textbooks will be lifted within 24 hours. 

10. If a student drops a class they must return the book as soon as possible so another student has the opportunity to sign it out. 

Clarksville Campus (CC)          Ft. Campbell Campus (FCC)

Summer (CC & FCC) 2021:

Texts for Vets will be available on the following dates:

Priority students (Veterans, Active duty, Military Family Members): 5/26 to 5/31

All other APSU students from: 6/1 to 7/9

Text for Vets returns are due back: 

·     Returns for Summer 1 will be accepted from: 7/6 to 7/8

·     Returns for MC Full term & Summer 2 will be accepted from:8/2 to 8/6

Fall (CC & FCC) 2021:

Texts for Vets will be available on the following dates:

Priority students (Veterans, Active duty, Military Family Members): 8/18 to 8/22

All other APSU students from: 8/23 to 10/22

Text for Vets returns are due back: 

·     Returns for Fall 1 will be accepted from: 10/13 to 10/15

·     Returns for MC Full term & Fall 2 will be accepted from:12/6 to 12/10

Spring (CC & FCC) 2022:

Texts for Vets will be available on the following dates:

Priority students (Veterans, Active duty, Military Family Members): 1/12 to 1/17

All other APSU students from: 1/18 to 3/21

Text for Vets returns are due back: 

·     Returns for Spring 1 will be accepted from: 3/9 to 3/11

·     Returns for MC Full term & Spring 2 will be accepted from: 5/2 to 5/6


For more information or if you have questions please contact the Military Student Center at (931) 221-1685 or via email at msc@apsu.edu.