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Respondus 4.0 Cancellation

Respondus 4.0 is an exam authoring tool that has been supported by Distance Education (DE) for several years through a campus-wide license.  The Respondus license will not be renewed.  The current license ends on July 31, 2019.  Faculty that use Respondus have two transition options available to them; however, action may be needed by July 31, 2019 (if you plan to move your Respondus quizzes to D2L).  Please use the tabs below to learn more about your transition options and resources.  Any questions can be directed to Distance Education at online@apsu.edu

If you do not use the Respondus 4.0 program, no action is required.

The current Respondus license ends on July 31, 2019 and faculty will lose access to their Respondus campus-wide software.

  • If faculty plan to transition to D2L, they MUST make the transition prior to July 31, 2019.  Faculty can save their Respondus quizzes on their computer as text, Word, or PDF documents or import directly into D2L, but this must be done prior to losing access to Respondus.
  • If faculty plan to purchase a single-user Respondus license, they can do this at any time, even after July 31, 2019.  Your Respondus files (.rsp) will remain on your computer once the campus-wide license ends as long as you do not delete them.  When purchasing a new single-user license, you will then be able to access your current .rsp files.
  • If you do not use the Respondus 4.0 program, no action is required.

One option for faculty is to continue to use Respondus by purchasing a single-user license.  There are two key points that make this a great option:

  1. The cost is a one-time fee and
  2. *You will retain access to your current Respondus projects.*

Faculty can make a one-time purchase for a permanent Activation Password for a single-user license of Respondus.  Purchases made online qualify for a $79 internet-only special price.  For all other purchase methods, the cost is $149.  Price information is accurate as of May 1, 2019.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Ensure your computer is compatible with the Respondus system requirements.
  • You will need to download the Respondus program for a single-user license. You will not be able to use your current download for a campus-wide licenses after July 31, 2019.
  • *The new program download will create a folder to store your new Respondus projects (typically in your Documents folder). You can copy your current Respondus projects created on the campus-wide license from where they are currently saved on your computer to this new folder.  This will keep all your projects in one place and allow you to open your current Respondus projects with your new single-user license.*
  • Distance Education cannot provide support for a Respondus single-user license. You will need to contact Respondus directly for assistance.  See the “Support & Resources” tab for contact information and resources from Respondus including guides and videos.
  • You will need to configure the Learning Management System (LMS) settings so Respondus can export files to D2L. These settings may be helpful to you:
    • Server: elearn.apsu.edu
    • Auth Type: SOAP
    • Port: 443
    • HTTPS: Yes
    • Secure Server: Yes, HTTPS always
    • Username and Password
    • Course Information

You can purchase your single-user license at any time.  Faculty will lose access to Respondus on July 31, 2019, but your Respondus files (.rsp) will remain on your computer until you delete them. 

Ready to get started?  Purchase a Respondus single-user license now

Not sure you want to stay with Respondus?  After our campus-wide license ends on July 31, 2019, consider using a free 30-day trial.

This option will no longer be available after July 31, 2019!

If faculty plan to transition to D2L, they MUST make the transition prior to July 31, 2019.  One option is to import all your Respondus quizzes into D2L using the Respondus Publish Wizard.  Distance Education will create you a single D2L shell where you can import all of your Respondus quizzes. 

Benefits include:

  • Consolidating your quiz resources in one place (D2L),
  • You do not have to rebuild all your quizzes manually in D2L, and
  • Once in D2L, the quizzes can be edited and copied to future courses as need.

To get started

  1. Email Distance Education at online@apsu.edu and request a "Respondus Repository" D2L shell. 
  2. Publish every quiz you wish to keep from Respondus into D2L.  You will need to individually publish every quiz to D2L that you wish to have access to after the campus-wide license ends on July 31, 2019.

If you have many years of quizzes in Respondus, this will be a time consuming process.  You may consider purchasing a single-user license to Respondus for a one-time fee of $79.  See "Purchase Single-User License" tab.

How to use the Publish Wizard

Steps to publish directly into a single course in D2L

Steps to save as a zip file and import into D2L

For questions regarding the Respondus cancellation, information found on this web page, or transitioning to D2L, please contact Distance Education at online@apsu.edu.  You may also find these resources helpful:

For assistance with a Respondus single-user license, single-user software, or transitioning your account, please contact Respondus directly or view their resources.  Links provided below.