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To help slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Austin Peay State University is canceling on campus TN eCampus proctoring services until further notice.  Visit the TN eCampus website  for information about virtual proctoring services or alternative proctoring services.

TN eCampus

APSU participates in the TN eCampus consortium which provides comprehensive educational programs and courses through a coordinated network of Tennessee Board of Regents colleges, universities, and colleges of applied technology. Courses taken through the TN eCampus consortium are online and completely transferable among the participating institutions which are all accredited. In order to graduate from APSU when participating in the TN eCampus consortium, graduate students must complete one-third (1/3) of their graduate program in residency where the required number of residency hours are earned in courses taught by APSU faculty. Undergraduate students must complete one-fourth (1/4) of their undergraduate program in residency where required number of residency hours are earned in courses taught by APSU faculty.

More information about TN eCampus is available below.

Enrolling in a TN eCampus Course

Students must satisfy the residency requirement for Austin Peay State University prior to enrolling in a TN eCampus course.  Students requesting enrollment in a TN eCampus course must meet with an academic advisor and their department chair to discuss course options.  The department chair will initiate the TN eCampus Course Request Form if the Austin Peay State University residency requirement has been met. The TN eCampus Course Request form must be approved by the Distance Education director and the Registrar before registration authorization can be granted.

Orientation to TN eCampus Courses

If you plan to enroll in TN eCampus courses, please review the TN eCampus Orientation (opens new window) to learn more about resources and to view a sample class!

Advising for TN eCampus Courses

If you have questions regarding advising, please contact the eCampus Coordinator at online@apsu.edu

Accessing TN eCampus Courses

Students enrolled in TN eCampus 'R' section courses (i.e. BIO 1010-R50) should log into D2L through the TN eCampus site.  Please explore the following resources if you are having technical difficulties with your TN eCampus courses:

Questions pertaining to technical issues in TN eCampus courses should be directed to TN eCampus Support:

TN eCampus Support

The TN eCampus Coordinator may also be consulted for more help at online@apsu.edu.

Exam Proctoring for TN eCampus Courses

Test and exam dates are set for each course at the beginning of the semester and should be included in the syllabus.  Students are responsible for scheduling proctoring arrangements well in advance of the exam as proctoring appointment times fill quickly. More information about TN eCampus proctoring options is available on the following pages:

Proctoring at APSU

Proctoring is available at campus-based test centers and other alternative sites throughout the state. Austin Peay State University serves as one of those testing sites.  For more information about our service, please email Distance Education at online@apsu.edu with the subject of “TN eCampus Proctoring.”  To register, you must complete the form below. 

Please review this important information before registering:

  • Students should submit proctoring requests at least a week in advance.

  • APSU does not accept walk-ins.  You must have registered at least one week in advance using the form below.

  • Students who do not report to the exam room on time will need to register for an alternate session.  If no other alternate sessions are available, students should contact another testing site or their instructor immediately.

  • Review the campus and parking map before traveling to APSU.

APSU TN eCampus Proctoring Request Form

Distance Education at Austin Peay State University (APSU) offers onsite mid-term and final exam proctoring services to students who are enrolled in TN eCampus courses. 

Before scheduling a TN eCampus proctored exam, students should:

APSU does not accept late registrations or walk-ins.  You must register at least one week in advance to use the form below.

Complete the information below to schedule a TN eCampus proctored mid-term and/or final exam with Distance Education at APSU.

If you have questions, please contact Distance Education at online@apsu.edu

Full Name
i.e. FRENCH 1010
Below is a list of available proctoring options at the APSU testing site.  Select your preferred midterm and/or final exam choices for the course you provided information on above.  If you have multiple courses, you MUST submit this form for each course.
First 7 Weeks (Term 1) Midterms
Ensure these dates occur within your course's exam dates before registering.
First 7 Weeks (Term 1) Finals and Full 15 Week Midterms
Ensure these dates occur within your course's exam dates before registering.
Second 7 Weeks (Term 2) Midterms
Ensure these dates occur within your course's exam dates before registering.
Second 7 Weeks (Term 2) Finals and Full 15 Week Finals
Ensure these dates occur within your course's exam dates before registering.

TN eCampus Support Services

Tennessee Board of Regents institutions offer the same support services to online learners as they do for on-campus students.  Many of the services are web-enabled to provide easier access and convenience.  Visit the TN eCampus website for more information about support services (opens new window).

Student Help and Technical Support

If you experience trouble logging in to the learning management system, resetting your password, viewing content in your course, or just need coaching and reassurance, contact the Technical Support Helpdesk team. Available 24/7 (except for a few select holidays), staff members will work one-on-one with you to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Simply call or enter a Help Desk ticket through our online ticketing system to track the status of your incident.  Contact the Help Desk at 888-223-0023 or help@tnecampus.info

Student Complaint Process

Visit the TN eCampus website for information about the complaint process (opens new window).