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Priority Registration:  Based on the student's classification (FR, SO, JR, SR and GR).  Priority schedule is listed below.

Open Registration:  Open to all students including readmitted students who have completed all readmission requirements, Transient and Special students.  Students may continue to register until classes begin.

Registration Process

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Instructions for Registering Online

What is Instructional Method / Modality?

The instructional method or modality is the method by which course instruction is delivered.  Please see the chart below for descriptions of each instructional method.






Face-to-Face Instruction


Video Conferencing at a Scheduled Time


Hybrid:  Face to Face and Online Instruction


Independent Study




WEB-Asynchronous:  Online Delivery


Priority Registration Schedule


Spring 2022
Priority Registration Schedule
October 25 - 29, 2021

Student Classification 1st Date to Register Day 
 Graduate Students October 25
 SR (Senior / 90 and above earned hours) October 25  Monday
 Military/Veterans October 26  Tuesday
 FR (Freshmen / 0 - 29 earned hours) October 27  Wednesday
 JR (Junior / 60 - 89 earned hours) October 28  Thursday
 SO (Sophomore / 30 - 59 earned hours) October 29  Friday
 Open Registration October 30

To register for the above semester or review the Class Schedule, please go to OneStop at onestop.apsu.edu. Please check your OneStop account for any registration holds that will need your immediate attention as not to delay your registration process.  If you need assistance registering, click here or contact the Office of the Registrar at 931-221-7150.