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Welcome APSU faculty and staff anticipating or actively engaged in the retirement process. Please look through the site to get an overall picture of APSURA, especially recent activities and events as covered in our quarterly APSURA Newsletter and the monthly Newsnotes.

Retirement does not mean the severance of ties to the University and colleagues. The Retirees Association provides the opportunity to continue a meaningful relationship with the University and other retirees by acting as a communication conduit and providing social contact and services to the University and its constituents. All retired employees and their spouses or partners and spouses or partners of deceased employees are eligible for membership. In addition, former employees with service to the University who are retired from other institutions or businesses are also eligible for membership with their spouses and partners.

The APSU Retirees Association is an active organization of retired professors, administrators and staff. Its mission, consistent with that of the national organization, is "to advocate, to educate, and to serve." APSURA conducts a variety of activities focused on meeting the social and networking needs of its members through events, dinners, tours, trips, and community activities.

APSURA Board meetings

Meetings of the APSURA Board of Directors are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month at 3 p.m. (CST) at the Pace Alumni Center at Emerald Hill.  To confirm if a meeting is scheduled please contact Sharon Silva, silvas@apsu.edu.  

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