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Testing Requirements

Praxis Core measures candidate proficiency in the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. Praxis Core is required for all applicants who do not have an ACT composite of 21 or higher or a total SAT score of 1080 (math and verbal combined).

The Praxis Core tests are designed to be taken early in your college career. It is recommended all three tests be taken during your freshmen year or in the first semester of your sophomore year. All candidates must achieve an acceptable score (specified below) prior to meeting Milestone II (see Milestone Assessment below).  If you have any questions about the Praxis Core, please see your academic advisor or program chair.

Acceptable Praxis Core passing scores (subject to change) are:

Reading = 156                Writing = 162             Mathematics = 150


Praxis, ACT, and GRE are offered through an independent testing service ETS.org.

Test Taking Strategies


Free ACT Prep resource

    • ACT Academy
    • Students can create an account and report to advisor, mentor or course instructor 

Free Praxis 1 Prep

  • Praxis1 Books for Loan: Talk to your course instructor about borrowing Praxis 1 materials from the COE or talk to Dr. Charles Gonzalez at gonzalezc@apsu.edu
  • Praxis 1 study materials may also be obtained by emailing Deanna Morris - dmorris26@my.apsu.edu

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center has additional materials and assistance. It is located in the Marks building. The Marks building contains the Student Tutoring Center, Community Tutoring, and the SLA Workshop Classrooms.

Learning Resource Center Webpage


Graduate Record Exam  GRE Testing