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Special Education K-8 Interventionist

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The number of students with disabilities who are included in the general education environment is significantly increasing. This certificate provides general education teachers with additional knowledge to improve educational outcomes for all students, especially students with disabilities. Additionally, this certificate allows a general education teacher to be the teacher of record for students with disabilities in an intervention and/or co-teaching situation. The certificate program is 100% online which makes it easy for working individuals.

Students will learn research-based strategies designed to increase access for students with disabilities to the general education curriculum. Effective inclusion, behavior management, assessment, and intervention strategies are the primary focus of the K-8 Interventionists Certificate program. Additional information regarding writing effective Individual Education Plan (IEP) and special education law is also included.


Admission Requirements

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Sample Course Plan

2020 Special Education K-8 Interventionist Certificate


What opportunities are available with this certificate?

 If you pursue adding the Special Education K-8 Interventionist endorsement to your current teaching license through the certificate program, you can become the teacher of record for students with disabilities in a co-teaching and/or intervention setting. You may also choose to pursue a career as an academic coach, special education coordinator, or special education administrator.

  • Teacher of record
  • Special Education Coordinator
  • Academic Coach
  • Special Education Administrator